This month, we’re diving into the sea of love, where self-care reigns supreme! Meet our beauty guru, Blerta Veseli, and let’s take a fabulous peek into her glamorous world!

Team Credits –
Model: Blerta Veseli @missblertaveseli
Photographer: Alex Dani @alexdanifotografo
Stylist: Tania Tuka @taniatuka
Make up artist: Marc Cornwall-Wyckoff @marc_cornwall
Hairstylist: Steven M. Fernandes @stevenmfernandes
DoP: Anastasiya Erlikh @erlix
Photographer’s assistant: Kate Bei @katebeiphotos
Stylist’s assistant: Emily @fashionmoodbyemily
Retoucher: Rita Zolotar @zolotar_retouch

The glam score hitting triple digits like it’s no big deal as Blerta graces our beauty cover. “Just like wine, beautiful people become finer, and wiser, as they age,” said the queen herself. If you’re on a quest for the inside scoop on all things beauty, look no further than Veseli! In our exclusive interview, she spills all the juicy details and let us tell you mediocrity isn’t in her vocabulary! Proceed with caution, because this lady is here to conquer the world with her looks!

Glam Score Soaring Sky-High / Living That Glam Life

Welcome to L’Officiel Blerta! How did you first step into the glamorous world of modelling?

I started modelling at a young age actually, I was about 10 when I did my first catwalk at a kids’ runway show in Kosovo, so that was where the sparkle began for me. After that, I was always in front of the camera be it for a local photograph or international one. After I finished my university years, I also started to do modelling jobs in Albania and Turkey. Then I entered the competition for Miss Universe Kosovo 2020 and won. And that led me to Miami where more and more modelling jobs were offered to me, after all, the US is a much bigger pond for the modelling world.

Glam Score Soaring Sky-High / Living That Glam Life

How do you think fashion can be used to express one’s personality or make a statement?

What you wear and how you wear it tells a lot about you, so yes fashion is in a way a statement that you make to the world. It can be a vibe or an aesthetic that you create from within or even one from outside that you like to follow, whichever it is I think it’s best that if you choose to radiate it to the world it should always be authentic to you first.

Glam Score Soaring Sky-High / Living That Glam Life

If your wardrobe could only consist of one designer’s creations for the rest of your life, whose would it be and why?

I love being chic and elegant and put together so I think a designer’s creations that almost always meet these criteria are those of Karl Lagerfeld from Maison de Chanel. I love the exclusivity his designs bring and I love how his designs still kept the spirit of Coco Chanel decades later. After all, that’s what great designs are, timeless.

Glam Score Soaring Sky-High / Living That Glam Life

What’s the craziest beauty trend you’ve tried, and did it work out, or was it a total disaster?

Fingers crossed this never comes back, but yeah, I did try the super short bangs trend once, think Beyonce 2014, that was not a good look. I don’t know if it was a matter of styling but that look just never sat well with me, and not even with Queen B.

Glam Score Soaring Sky-High / Living That Glam Life

Could you give us a glimpse into your beauty routine?

My beauty routine starts with being healthy from within, eating fresh food and exercising. For my face, I do double cleansing when I have to remove makeup, followed by my day or night serums depending on the time, then moisturizer and of course SPF during the day. I try to keep my skin barrier as healthy as I can, so my products tend to vary during the year depending on the season.

Glam Score Soaring Sky-High / Living That Glam Life

What’s the most unconventional beauty tip or hack you swear by that others might find surprising?

This may not be unconventional, but a beauty tip that I have for healthy hair is a mask where you mix extra virgin olive oil, honey and some drops of rosemary oil. Leave this for about three hours on your hair and then rinse and just like that you’ve got healthy and bouncy hair that will turn heads for sure.

Glam Score Soaring Sky-High / Living That Glam Life

What’s the biggest misconception people have about beauty, in your opinion?

That beauty fades as you age. I think if people feel beautiful and content from within then there’s no way any of that will go away as the years go by. Just like wine, beautiful people become finer, and wiser, as they age.

Glam Score Soaring Sky-High / Living That Glam Life

As you gaze into the future, what aspirations and visions do you hold for your place in the fashion industry?

I hope to make as many projects that will be something that people will love to look at. I hope that through my work I inspire more people to go after their dreams. I want to create a beautiful community where people are free to be themselves and to express their ideas. Lastly, I hope that we can all work together to continue to create a fun, inclusive and above all creative fashion industry.

What is a piece of advice you’d like to give our readers?

Dreams without any plans are just that, dreams. You’ll need to have a plan and work for your dreams, for those dreams to later work for you. You might have a bumpy road ahead, but make sure to not give up because only the brave reaches the higher mountains.