It’s the month of love, and for this special edition we have a couple who are in
sync and in charge!

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Creative director: Tyla Yaweh

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Photographer: Remi Harris @remivision

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Meet Natasha & Tyla, the epitome of what it means to bring the ‘power’ to the power couple. As they grace the digital cover of L’Officiel India’s February Valentine’s special, prepare to be swept away by their magnetic energy and genuine connection. From powerful love rituals to daily affirmations, Natasha and Tyla are on a mission to spread love and positivity wherever they go. With these two, the fun never stops, and neither does their reign as the reigning champs of the power couple game.

The Epitome of a Power Couple - Natasha Graziano & Tyla Yaweh!

Welcome to L’Officiel India! Natasha, as you and Tyla grace the Digital cover for the February Valentine’s special, can you share with us the story of how you two first met and what drew you to each other?
It truly was a romantic love story! I sent Tyla a DM in the summer of 2023 and invited him to come on my podcast as a guest. He finally came on later in the year and when he came on, I just knew this was the man for me. I even told Producer: “Oh my goodness that’s my guy.” I was drawn to his spiritual sight and his humility however famous he was. And he said he was drawn to my motivational presence and my work in the world. He said he loves the way I am not just another hot girl, but have a huge presence and purpose. We became friends as soon as he came on the show, and one evening a couple of months after we decided to go out together to a red-carpet event, and it was that night that the magic was unlocked. We were wearing the same matching lime green shade and it was like a sign from the universe telling us this was no coincidence. From that day until now we haven’t left each other sides.

Are there any specific traditions you and Tyla indulge in to make the month extra special?
We have been doing lots of powerful love rituals together and scripting, but to be honest, we have the most amazing rituals that we do all the time. In this month dedicated to love though, we have been posting on social media to inspire others about their love, and finding someone who they can love and build an empire with too.

The Epitome of a Power Couple - Natasha Graziano & Tyla Yaweh!

Tell us what qualities you love about Tyla and something that you would like to change about him.

I absolutely love Tyla’s smile and the way he is so affectionate with me. To be honest, there’s not much I would change about him. He is multifaceted like a diamond. The truth is no one is perfect so when you meet someone pretty close to perfect, you hold onto them like a treasured gift that cannot be replaced.

How do you and Tyla navigate the balance between personal and professional aspects of your lives, considering you’re both in the public eye?

We do so much together personally and professionally so when we are together, we focus on each other, and just being goofy, silly, and cute. Our love is so pure and organic. Then, when we’re focusing on business, we focus on business, and we co-create together powerfully. People love to watch us together as it is the initial stages of the Empire building. Our Brand NG & TY is already taking off. Soon our loungewear range will drop and we are already producing podcasts on our network which we created together for other Podcast Hosts.

The Epitome of a Power Couple - Natasha Graziano & Tyla Yaweh!

Are there any shared goals or dreams that you and Tyla are excited to pursue together in the future?
Yes, we are building out our brands underneath NG & TY and are focusing on being a power couple. We manifest and script daily. It is so exciting to watch our manifestations come to fruition, and inspire millions of people along the way! We would like to expand our family together too.

In the month dedicated to love, our current generation ascribes a distinct significance to it. What single piece of relationship advice would you offer them?
Honestly, I would say, treat your man like a king if you want him to treat you like a queen. However, you first have to value yourself and the person you’re with for them to value your back. Be unapologetic about who you are, but give your heart to whoever you’re with or you may never love it all.

The Epitome of a Power Couple - Natasha Graziano & Tyla Yaweh!

Glad to have you on L’Officiel Tyla. As you grace our Valentine’s edition, can you share some insights into what makes your relationship unique and special?
I guess when you meet someone and it’s so natural and effortless between the two of you, it just flows with such amazing energy. The love we have is so organic and every day we work towards our goals and build our Empire. I love how Natasha motivates me every day, she got me into Scripting and manifesting my goals through this special way of writing it down. Having someone kind and uplifting who inspires you every day is a blessing.

What qualities in Natasha do you cherish the most, and how do they contribute to the beauty of your relationship?
The way she inspires the world. The way she cares so much about me, and just gets me and puts up with me as I am, haha. She accepts me for me.

The Epitome of a Power Couple - Natasha Graziano & Tyla Yaweh!

Tyla, how do you and Natasha navigate disagreements or challenges within your relationship, ensuring that your connection remains strong?

We don’t have disagreements. However, I think the key to working through issues in any relationship, whether it’s friendship, business or romantic, is to have an open line of communication at all times. Transparency is key.

What qualities in Natasha do you find most inspiring and vital to the happiness and strength of your relationship?

Her constant positivity and uplifting energy every day. She always focuses on the good. Every morning, we do affirmations together and meditate when we can. Our mornings are always filled with ways to motivate each other and make each other happy.

The Epitome of a Power Couple - Natasha Graziano & Tyla Yaweh!

Share with us a tale that holds a special place in your heart—a romantic gesture or surprise you orchestrated for Natasha.
I recently wrote Natasha a song for her birthday. It was a gift to her, she owns it. It was the morning of her birthday when I played it to her and watching the happiness it brought to her, and the tears of emotion and joy in her eyes was very special. I’ve never done that before for anyone, so writing a song for her, about her, was very unique.

In the month dedicated to love, our current generation ascribes a distinct significance to it. What single piece of relationship advice would you offer them?
Be happy and positive. Don’t be selfish. Be open-hearted, and authentic, and try to uplift your partner every day.