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Valentine’s Top Arm Candies – Cluch Them If You Can!

Clutch Me If You Can

To Transcend Clichés In 2024, Dive Into The Art Of Creating Personalized Valentine’s Day Bags That Speak Volumes. Unveil The Charm!

With 2024 approaching full steam ahead, we of course are putting our best foot forward, but what if we put our best bags forward, too? Handbags, purses, satchels, etc. have been an integral part of one’s own personal style. But what about the vessel clutches that hold what we consider near, dear, and the OG. So, they give a lil bit of oomph to signify who you are and where you are headed. Thus, we have curated a selection of trending bag styles that are sure to keep you and your belongings on track to fabulous fancy date this Valentine’s—and for the year ahead. Spoiler Alert: Here’s the point where you’ll be awestruck!

JW ANDERSON, Small Chain Hobo – Leather Shoulder Bag


Well, chain detailing has made a strong comeback in bag trends for 2024. These chain handles, straps, and accents indeed add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any bag. This made us intrigued to the trendsetting JW Anderson Small Chain Hobo Clutch. With its chic design, romantic chain and adjustable knot tie details, this is such a must-have accessory to perfectly complement your Valentine’s Day ensemble. Crafted with luxurious leather of suede lining and adorned with delicate chain accents which exudes OTT edginess. While, its compact silhouette makes it versatile for brunch or a late-night. After all, it’s suitable for a shift away from quiet luxury into a moment that welcomes more of a fancy approach. Just like this JW Anderson hobo bag which is back for another season to embrace metallic hardware.

FENDI, Baguette Fuchsia sequinned bag

There’s nothing faux about this Fendi! Embellished, sequinned, embroidered, exclusive pieces, Limited Editions, ‘DIY Baguette’ kits, customizable versions — you name it, Fendi’s done it. And this one is no ordinary Baguette — this is a custom, limited-edition Baguette, designed by Fendi “in partnership with Sarah Jessica Parker” specifically for the reboot. The Fendi x Sarah Jessica Parker baguette is crafted of maxi, 3D sequins in a hot pink hue. Adorned with exquisite sequins meticulously arranged to create a mesmerizing pattern. This iconic style features 3D pink sequins and fuchsia paillettes, plus a bordeaux leather strap and famed FF buckle. Indeed, the Fendi Baguette is an icon, the original IT bag and worthy of a spot in any handbag hall
of fame. It being a true work of art; and all it demands is your Valentine’s attention wherever you go to flaunt your fashion- forward flair.


Judith Leiber is another luxury designer who is famed for her collection of bejewelled minaudières, and is often in attention-grabbing silhouettes, just like this one. After all, the minaudière is a small, rigid metal evening bag made in oval, oblong, or square shapes to hold your bric-a-brac. This crimson crush or crystals embellished sculptural whimsical luxury bag seamlessly blends artistry with functionality, setting up a bold statement with its lips shaped design and craftsmanship. Featuring a sculpted silhouette reminiscent of plush, plump lips, it’s adorned with shimmering red crystals; boasting the perfect spirit of love and passion with leaving an indelible mark. So, are you ready to carry your favourite red lipstick to the party in the chicest, most dazzling way possible with a crystal-illuminated bag that’s sure to get people talking.

RABBANE, Iconic Silver Nano 1969 Bag with Crystal Charms

Taking the look into disco territory, with decorative chain echoing the belt seen on the dance floor back in the ’70s, here we are embracing the trend for the Valentine’s Edit. As, whether it’s a classic quilted bag with a chain strap or a sleek clutch with metallic chain detailing, this trend offers a perfect blend of fun with a modern edge. Embodying the same spirit, this Rabanne’s chainmail is an iconic technique that has revolutionised the industry since the ‘60s. Made of brass pastilles that are threaded with dramatic jewels in aquamarine, pink, ruby, topaz, and crystals, it is supported by a chain-link strap. Being ain’t your regular jewel clutch, it has been specially crafted from shimmering silver-toned metal mesh, this miniature masterpiece captivated with its intricate craftsmanship. With characterising by a signature disc chainmail and mirror construction, this nano-sized shiny iteration brings nothing but pure bliss in a silver-tone hue. Therefore, this iconic piece is effortlessly hitched with contemporary design giving a touch of vintage charm.

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