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Defining Symbol Of Masculinity

Defining Symbol Of Masculinity

It May Sound Obvious, But You Must Take Some Time To Consider Your Lifestyle Before Embarking On Your ‘Tache Journey. And, We’re Gonna Be Your Best Friends Throughout The Journey! Read Ahead And Find Out The Power Of ‘Stache.

Back in the day, moustaches were a symbol of class and social status. But of all the types of mustaches out there, which one suits you at best from the rest? The rules of geometry aren’t so rigid here at least not as prominently as face shape determines the best hair styles and beard styles for every guy. There are a few mustaches that can visually enhance, say, a super circular face shape or a square jaw, but you’ve more or less got carte blanche when it comes to picking a Mustache; it’s more like a matter of what your growth potential is, and from there you can consider the rest.

While trimming your mustache, it’s usually smart to trim the upper rows of hair more, so that they don’t build bulk atop the more stylish lower and outermost hair. This uppermost point is the peak, and its shortness and neat perimeter are maintained mostly so that you have more functional control over the flourishes. So, we’ll be showcasing seven of the best moustache styles approved by very famous men which can definitely work for you.

The Weeknd

The Weeknd

Don’t mistake the half horseshoe mustache for a handlebar ‘stache. And it’s far more wearable than a full-on horseshoe style, too: Unlike a horseshoe beard style, the sidelines don’t drop all the way to the chin; instead they stop at the corners of the mouth. If it’s easier to visualise as a half-goatee, then let that serve as the image here: This one just erases everything under the lips, and allows the sides of the ‘stache to droop down a centimetre or two.

Timothée Chalamet

Here’s an option for you wispy wunderkinds out there. Yes, a sparse ‘stache is still a mustache. Sprout what you can, and confidently so, you can even combine this with the some kind of shadow-beard or anchored-shadow effect. See how the mustache styles are truly classic?

Michael B. Jordan

This pairs any type of mustache with a bit of chin fuzz or a generous soul patch, all to balance things visually. Most people won’t consider it as having a mustache, but some kind of fuller facial hair style. (Unless they stop and think about it.) Actually, round face shapes will especially benefit from this method, because most circular faces tend to wear Mustaches a little awkward (in that, the mustaches tend to wear the guy instead).

Henry Cavill

Like the anchored ‘stache, the beard ‘stache can also be paired with any type of mustache up top the lip. But here the modification is in the rest of the face: Instead of keeping things freshly shorn, you have to let the stubble grow out to a day or five’s worth. The effect is a nice play in contrast, wherein your Mustache is definitively bolder and holding centre stage, but the whiskers soften things out—and again, others will visually perceive it as an overall facial hair style as opposed to a mustache.

Tom Selleck

This is the most “obvious” mustache; probably the least stylised one, wherein you grow a full upper lip and simple shave at the sides of the lips, along with everything else. Some hairs might grow to the sides or above the upper lip, but never too egregious. The chevron pairs especially well with a square jaw, in that it pulls centre focus while letting those sharp angles speak for themselves, too.

Paul Mescal

The outlaw is extremely close to a chevron, except in that it drops down a little more on the sides. This is a really flattering look for sparser mkustaches too (like Paul Mescal); if a thick, full chevron feels impossible or looks odd, then angle for some curtains on the edges, and see how it changes things for you in a magnificent way. This one also “parts” nicely, but we would advise to use a pinch of wax to coach each half of the ‘stache to its respective side.

Hulk Hogan

Here’s a really hard one to pull off: Perhaps that’s why only eccentric personalities like Hogan can make it look easy. This one feels like the moustachioed equivalent to a mullet (business up top, party on the sides). But hey, even the mullet came back into style recently. So, if you’re feeling lucky (or like you want to set a new trend), then give the horseshoe a toss.

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