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Rise Of Quiet Dramatic In ‘Quiet Luxury’

Rise Of Quiet Dramatic In ‘Quiet Luxury’

Whether You Come To Men’s Fashion Month For The Looks, The Runways, Or The Celebrity Guests, There’s No Denying That It Wouldn’t Be The Same Without One (Arguably Underrated) Aspect: Beauty. Even At Men’s Fashion Month, Hair And Makeup Is The Bow That Ties Collections Together. Look Ahead How Without It, They Just Wouldn’t Be The Same!


Rise Of Quiet Dramatic In ‘Quiet Luxury’

At the LOEWE FW24 show, many models sported windblown hairstyles that seemed as if they had stepped out of a gusty backstage area. The Spanish luxury brand deliberately crafted wild undercuts for this runway presentation. Whether the models had short or long hair, their locks were frozen in place, capturing the essence of wind-swept disarray. Some had tufts of hair blown out of place, while others looked even more windswept. The deliberate dishevelled and erratic appearance was no accident; it was carefully crafted to redefine the traditional undercut for daring and experimental men. So, next time you see a hairstyle that seems a bit untamed, remember that sometimes the most refined looks emerge from unexpected places.



Models at Achilles Ion Gabriel’s Fall/Winter 2024 runway showcased an otherworldly beauty trend. Their eyes were underlined with shades of chalky, pastel blue, creating a striking contrast against their skin tones. While focusing on the eyes is a fundamental makeup technique, this approach was rarely seen in men’s makeup due to its noticeable effect. However, with the rise of gender-fluid trends, makeup is becoming bolder and more expressive. Inspired by women’s beauty, the critical point here was to create distinct and lively eyes without veering into overly feminine territory. The monochromatic brown and black eyeliner, almost devoid of shading, accentuated the lower part of the eyes, creating a notable shade. This technique is worth trying for those who want to enhance the appearance and size of their eyes. It’s a fresh take on men’s grooming that defies traditional norms.



In a fresh take on “otherworldly” beauty, select models at Rick Owens’ dystopian Fall/Winter 2024 collection donned blackout lenses and two-tone face paint. These looks seemed to transport the models either from or to another reality, evoking a dark and mysterious vibe. The Prometheus-inspired aesthetic perfectly echoed the designer’s sentiments about the collection and served as commentary on our current times. The distinct spectral beauty created by the combination of face paint and blackout lenses reflected the deeper undertones of the collection. As these models walked the runway, they left an impression as if they had journeyed from a distant reality, far beyond our reach.



White emerged as one of Fall 2024’s “IT” colors not only in clothing but also in hair. At Rei Kawakubo’s Comme des Garçons Homme Plus show, the focus was on white—whether it was the clothes, embellishments, or hair. Models strutted down the runway wearing white wigs of varying lengths and styles. The effect was nothing short of dramatic, as is typical of Kawakubo’s shows. On the opposite end of the spectrum, structured wigs showcased the limitless possibilities that hairpieces offer. Interestingly, designers Watanabe and Van Beirendonck collaborated with Kawakubo. While Watanabe’s line falls under the Comme des Garçons umbrella, Van Beirendonck had previously worked with Kawakubo. Perhaps they exchanged notes (and wigs!) to create this striking trend.



Echoing the Old Money look that swept 2023, the 2024 Homme collection predicts the rise of ‘Quiet Luxury’ in hairstyling. The voluminous slicked-back style, a key element in masculinity-based tailoring, has captured attention in numerous collections. By melding classicism with visible brush strokes, this Slicked Back hairstyle intersects with biker culture, showcasing a quintessentially masculine aspect. Dolce & Gabbana reflects light for a shimmering effect in hair while maintaining relative matte-ness in makeup, creating a basic male image with straight eyebrows. Overall, the collection features a coexistence of gender-fluid characteristics and traditional masculinity, anticipating growth in the men’s grooming market.



Alongside cowboy hats, turquoise jewels adorned several looks on the Louis Vuitton catwalk. These jewels took the form of buttons on shirts and jackets, discreet earrings, and top stitching on jeans. The overall effect was punctuated by outstanding accessories, including impressive cowboy hats in gilded metal. Notably, Creative Director Pharrell’s sophomore show at Louis Vuitton Men’s truly put beauty where its mouth is. The runway showcased two sets of iconic gold grills. Teased ahead of the show on Pharrell’s platform, these grills featured the trademark LV logo and followed his FW24 western theme. Blue opals and gold horseshoe detailing adorned one of the sets, adding a touch of opulence to the overall look.

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