Only Few Revolving Vases Survive And, Standing 243?4 Inches Tall, We Have The One Which Is The Second Tallest Known To Survive. Dive In And Find Everything About It!

Genuine Chinese antiques frequently change hands for significant sums, especially imperial porcelain pieces. Collectors often scour trade fairs and private dealerships, hoping to find a new addition to showcase. At auctions these are the serious business which often unfolds, though.

And, November being our art and aesthetics issue, we thought of nothing but a rare vase. So does this Chinese Imperial Revolving Vase contains a rare mechanism that allows the piece to rotate, highlighting an elaborately painted phoenix, setting against a raised nature scene depicting clouds, birds, a river and bridge.

The ceramic is also ornately decorated with enamel on the neck and base, having gold accents. Its form features an outer shell as well as an interior vase, neck and cover, all parts requiring each element to be separately glazed, enamelled and fired perfectly.

Dating back to the 18th century, this vase happens to be the most valuable ceramic vessel. Featuring an intriguing mechanism and superb craftsmanship, combining hues of foreign yellow, fruit green, alum red, gold colour, turquoise green glaze, carmine colour, and blue colour in one. The vase integrates various techniques such as rolling, carving, hollowing, and turning the heart.

Having a double-layer construction, it is crafted from four separate pieces. The outer vessel is carved with a stunning openwork phoenix scene that allows you to see the beautiful decorations on the inner vase as it spins.

Now, let’s talk business. Hong Kong native William Chak, arguably the world’s most famous and successful dealer of Chinese antiques, bought the revolving vase from Christie’s. He sold the item to an unnamed collector at some stage over the last 20 years, who in turn placed the vase up for sale through Poly Auctions in Hong Kong.

This ceramic dates back to the Qianlong dynasty, 1736-1795. Despite its age, the item is in comparatively flawless condition. The rarity of the lot also played into the price, as very few comparable vases are still in circulation. At almost of 25 inches in height, this item is believed to be the second-tallest surviving example. Do not be surprised, if you see this vase for sale again in the future, once again soaring in price. As, the older it gets, it appears, and in turn the more desirable such an item will become.