Have You Ever Evidenced A Statue Emerging From The Years Of Physical And Psychic Horror? Sounds Terrific, Doesn’t It? Dive Right In And Find It Out.

The Swiss artist, Alberto Giacometti’s emaciated are stretched-out figures which used to be a game-changer in the world of figurative sculpture. Moving away from anatomically accurate body sculptures, time and again, the artist has drawn inspiration from cubism, surrealism, and African sculpture to create legendary, totemic bronzes. Yet his figures were nothing starved of vital and important precedents in the history of art.

Just like the artist’s most iconic and evocative sculpture, “L’homme au doigt” (Pointing Man) that stands tall and proud, its confident stance and authoritative gesture is a defiant challenge to the inevitable pull of death. Created by the artist in just one night, between midnight and nine the next morning, once you evidence the masterpiece, it becomes easy to understand its price.

Casted in bronze and standing whippet-thin at five feet ten inches, this dynamic and powerful figure is widely recognised as one of the most important sculptural achievements of the Modern era, created by the greatest master of the medium. Giacometti painted it by hand in order to heighten its expressive impact, making this an opportunity for the world’s top collectors to seeand compete for this exceptional work.

Giacometti already held the record for most expensive sculpture ever sold at an auction. In light of the latest auction news, The National Portrait Gallery has announced its first ever exhibition solely consisting the artist’s work to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the artist’s death.

Thus, L’homme au doigt stands truly with superb self-assurance, dominating the space around it with its commanding gesture, defying the indomitable press of mortality.

The sculpture is among the great masterpieces in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Tate Gallery in London. Since Giacometti’s conception of the work in 1947, he has produced just six casts of it, as well as one artist’s proof.