Meet the connoisseur of classics, who’s all about adding up an extra star to her glamourous avatar, while simply being a diva.

Team Credits:
Talent: Fan Bingbing @bingbing_fan
Photography: Dalong Yang @dalongdalong
Photo assistant: Lingliang Meng
Producer: Evan Xiong @evan.xiong
Production: Cory Couture Productions @corycoutureproductions
Styling: Ivy Leung @ivyleung_
Co-Styling: Kye Agency @kyeagency
Styling assistant: Chen + Aria (IVYPLUME)
Hair: Wen Lie
Make-up: Bonnie Hu @huyiyin8
PR: Kye Agency @kyeagency
3D Artist: Jericho Ma @jellycoke3

Possessing grace, charm, and sophistication while maintaining a sense of modesty and elegance in her aura. Meet our Cover Star for the July edition, Fan Bingbing who’s all about exuding a timeless sense of style, and choosing refined style that flatters her figure. Reflecting her poise and confidence, while highlighting her natural beauty and elegance. Her language is grace and articulate her thoughts eloquently. Possessing sophistication and class in the industry, she is leaving her imprint wherever she goes.


Fan Bingbing

Costume: Hacchic Couture @hacchic_couture
Nails: Nailstik by Kelly Pang @kellypangnail

Talking of the humble beginnings, who has been your biggest personal mentor or inspiration till date for picking acting as your career?

I really adore Monica Bellucci. Because she dares to challenge herself with exploring unknown fields and roles. And she’s always full of confidence. She is an actress that I really like and appreciate.

How has your experience been in this industry?

Keep focusing and striving to do everything you can. That’s all. Making great efforts and focusing are the prerequisites for doing anything.


Fan Bingbing

Gown: Bad Binch Tongtong @bad_binch_tongtong
Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti @giuseppezanotti

How can you describe your current personal style?

My current style actually doesn’t have many definitions. Just trying out whatever I want, following my heart, and trust/respect all my feelings.


Fan Bingbing

Scarf: Stylist’s own

What’s top of your fashion wish-list for 2023?

I look forward to those unique and trendy designs that can be beautiful or stunning to everyone.

We are delighted to have you onboard and so are our readers, what message do you have for the people who aspire to become like you?

Go and do it! Your energy is actually far beyond your imagination. As long as you really want, you can become anyone you want to be.