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Magical Diamonds For Your Wrist

Magical Diamonds for your wrist

Get A Truly Remarkable Watch That Illustrates Hallucination And Has Made The Dream Into A Reality. Only A Lucky Lady Who Consumes Passion For Diamonds Can Get Hands On It! Are You That Lucky?

When you want to splurge — really go all-out! Whether it’s ordering an extra slice of cheese on a burger or upgrading to first class on an international flight, the opportunity to treat oneself is sometimes worthy of the price. From an emotional perspective, acquiring luxury.

Over the years diamonds have showcased absolutely breath-taking pieces, similarly Graff diamonds hallucination watch, a pricy spice which held the position of the most expensive pink diamonds in the world. The Graff Hallucination is a sculptural masterpiece, a celebration of the miracle of coloured diamonds. The value of this timepiece does not come from the quartz dial embedded in the centre, but by what is surrounding it.

More specifically, it is comprised by a multitude of fancy vivid yellow, fancy intense blue, fancy light grey blue, fancy green, fancy orange, and of course Fancy Intense Pink, and Fancy Light Pink diamonds. To add to its beauty, a large variety of cuts have been used, including marquise, radiant, round, and heart-shaped diamonds.

The tiny dial is incredibly precise when it comes to telling time and doesn’t require frequent winding or power reserve. Perhaps certain ladies do not care about mechanical mastery, but rather the glitter of diamonds. After all, Marilyn Monroe has said, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend?” Or perhaps only a quartz movement could fit into the structure of the bracelet without unduly distressing the careful placement of 110 carat of rare coloured diamonds.

It’s no wonder it is the world’s most expensive watch “The Hallucination”, considering that it was handcrafted, and each stone was individually polished and mounted with extreme care and craftsmanship. This luxurious watch is both a bracelet and a piece of jewelry and is designed exclusively for passionate ladies. It is a long-lasting, accurate, and beautiful piece of equipment, turning the entire watch not only into a remarkable accessory but a practical one for a very lucky lady.



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