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Walking on Diamonds With the Most Expensive Shoes

Even filling your house with Louboutins will not cover the cost of these shoes! Want to know which ones we are talking about? Read on!

It’s not just Bridgerton’s Queen Charlotte who prefers to declare a diamond of the season. After reading this, you too will want one! Although, the diamond we’re going to talk about is a one-of-a-kind pair of heels. These diamond-encrusted gold heels are the closest thing to making all your ‘walking on diamonds’ dream come true. Let’s get into some more detail about them!

Designed and created over a period of nine months, this luxury footwear is made from diamonds and real gold. This probably answers your question about what it takes to occupy a place in the list of the world’s most expensive shoes. Although this question is hard to answer, it seems that the creators of this pair were determined enough to find an answer to it. The Passion Diamond shoes are the brainchild of UAE-based brand Jada Dubai, and Passion Jewellers and were launched at the world’s only 7-star hotel – Burj Al Arab. The pair dethroned the Debbie Wingham high heels from the most expensive footwear position.

What: Passion Diamond Shoes
Price: Rs. 1,407,445,100

Since Jada Dubai only designs shoes with diamonds, they also wanted to create a piece using very rare diamonds. The aim of creating a very unique pair led to the creation of the Passion Diamond Shoes. The pair makes use of four main materials: gold patent leather, silk, gold, and diamonds. The lines are clean, the tips are pointy, and the heel is a 5-inch golden stiletto. The design of the pumps is sophisticated and stunning. The outline of the uppers is lined with brilliant small diamonds and a 15-carat D-flawless diamond sits on the centre of the heels. We’re not the only ones hoping they used some super strong glue to glue those gems to the shoes!

It’s highly unlikely that you’d want to go out dancing wearing such expensive shoes, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a little extra luxury in your closet, right? These shoes were created after the creators observed that there are not many ultra-high-end shoes available out there. Well, they certainly filled that space! And let’s face it, if such extravagance was going to come out of somewhere, it was always going to be Dubai!

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