Have You Ever Heard A Bag Making Noises? We Hope Not! Hop In To Know How Bags Also Make Noises.

Gen Z have more access to other fashion eras and cultures via the internet from early on in their lives. Because of this, a luxury name on an item is not enough to appeal to this generation. Gen Z tends to focus more on the products and trends that align with their sense of self and their peer groups. We want to see if this bag can attract Gen Z or not! As usual, here we are with Stella McCartney’s Maxi Falabella Tote bag. As we heard that Gen Z are always in need of on-trend bags for everything from grocery shopping to vacationing. 

Unlike Stella McCartney, most luxury brands are not cruelty free. The brand’s commitment to animal and eco-friendly fashion is a win, win! But a cheaper vegan bag wasn’t what we were looking for either. This tote can be worn in 2 different ways, either folded over as a shoulder bag or carried as a handheld tote. If worn on shoulder, it offers less arm space and the thick chain straps makes it heavy for one to carry stuff. Wearing the shorter chains over shoulder feels tight and wearing long chain disrupts the look as this oversized bag seems overly sacky.


Stella McCartney’s Maxi Falabella Tote bag

It creates noise when these chains run against each other, making it similar to that of a plastic bag while moving it around. A noisy bag is not what luxury fashion entails right? It will also entangle your hair between the chains which makes it more frustrating. This makes it very annoying and embarrassing for the one wearing it. But you will definitely gain unfavourable attention of people by its noises! Thus, it’s incompatible for a formal appearance, but you can carry it to noisy places that can mask the noises. Just take care of your shoulders as the chains add a bit of weight. Not to forget, the satin lining makes it very tough to search for your stuff.

Undoubtingly, the bag looks classy and chic, but not when you hold it. And because of not having a zip in between, one has to check the belongings innumerable times, to ensure something has not fallen. The material of the bag is super soft and has a subtle shine but it feels a little thin which causes unbalancing with the thick chains. We warn you that if you choose to buy this tote bag, get ready to loose your calm!