Want to fly around in utmost style? Here are some of the world’s most expensive private jets that you can purchase to travel solo or for your business trips.

The Saying “It isn’t about the destination; it is about the journey getting there” rings especially true when you own a luxurious jet. We all have more than enough horror stories about being stuck in the middle seat while traveling or being stuck behind crying children while traveling economy. And don’t even get us started on the nightmare of being served bland and unappetizing food. But putting an end to such horrors has a simple and easy solution: get a private jet! Getting on a private jet might have been difficult in the past, but in today’s time, your chances of flying on a luxury private jet have increased drastically. Flying commercial is old news, it’s time to travel in class and style with expensive and luxurious private jets.

The luxury private jet market has been growing steadily as the amount of ultra-wealthy people has increased, which in turn led to an increase in the need for private jets and charters. But one still retains the option of a private plane rental if they don’t wish to purchase one. But if you have some extra cash to spend, an ultra-luxurious and expensive jet is the way to go. Opulent interiors, world-class design, and ultimate comfort characterize these ultra-luxurious rides. So, fasten your seatbelts, and let’s head on a tour of the most expensive private jets available in the world. 


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Bombardier Global 8000
Price: Around Rs 6 Billion

Bombardier has some of the most comprehensive jets in the industry. They have two leading aircraft families – the Challenger and the Global – both of which offer some truly great options when it comes to aircrafts. Want to travel the world in peace and tranquillity? Then this is the jet for you! The Global 8000 is a long-range business jet featuring a top-leading range and cabin in the industry and also includes 3 individual suites carefully crafted in order to boost comfort and convenience. The aircraft also comes with a creative cabin that is custom-made with top-notch quality, keeping up with the demand of every customer. Offering the fastest speed, the longest range, as well as the smoothest ride in a single business aircraft that has more than proven its reliability, the Global 8000 also has the healthiest and the best-connected cabin in the industry.

With a top speed of Mach 0.94, the aircraft is the world’s fastest business and can carry up to 19 passengers. With a range of 8000 nautical miles, unlock endless possibilities of travel. The secret to the smoothness in Bombardier’s Global line of business jets is the Smooth Fl?x Wing, which is engineered like two wings in one. The cabin of the aircraft is one of a kind as well; conceived to maximize passenger comfort, health, and productivity, the interiors scream luxury. The aircraft features the lowest cabin altitude in the industry, which helps the passengers feel more comfortable and the Bombardier P?r Air provides the cleanest cabin air. If you prioritize comfort, wellbeing, excellent avionics, connectivity and luxury, the Bombardier Global 8000 is the perfect choice for you!


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The Gulfstream G650ER
Price: Around Rs 4.5 billion

Setting the standard for performance in business aviation, we have the Gulfstream G650 Family. The G650ER has also bagged the record of the farthest flight in business aviation history and is one of the most trusted business jets globally. The maximum range of the jet is 7,500 NM and a 0.925 Mach assures amazing speed and range, making sure you get to where you wish to go, and reach there in time. The spacious interiors are designed in a way that supreme comfort meets high design and innovation, making for some top-of-the-range luxurious interiors. And the clean air system delivers 100% fresh air every 2 to 3 minutes. The optimized cabin altitude ensures you arrive alert and refreshed and the cabin is the quietest in business aviation which provides a peaceful environment. The aircraft seats up to 13 and has 3 living areas.

The interior can be customized according to your needs and a flexible layout with premium leather, handcrafted divans, and quality wood fittings assure a completely luxurious experience. The jet features a cutting-edge Gulfstream cabin management system that lets passengers control the lighting, temperature, window shades as well as entertainment devices through a smartphone app. Using the latest cockpit technology like the fly-by-wire flight system as well as an enhanced vision system, the aircraft can fly non-stop between key business hubs. Along with its enhanced safety and flexibility, the aircraft has earned the Robert J. Collier trophy; truly an amazing choice for a private jet!


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Airbus ACJ350
Price: Around Rs 39 Billion

Innovative technology and the world’s most modern VIP widebody characterize this luxurious private jet that costs up to 25 billion for just the aircraft alone! The custom interior that is designed by Lufthansa Technik is extra and is what makes this aircraft feel like a second home in the skies. Enjoy private offices, a spa, children’s playrooms as well as full-sized bedrooms. The aircraft also has 8 temperature zones along with a hospital grade filtration system. A spacious cabin that offers up to 308m2 of floor area space and is the quietest VIP aircraft that ensures the ultimate cabin well-being. With a range of up to 11,100 nm, the aircraft can fly non-stop for up to 22 hours. The aircraft also comes with a formal dining area that seats 8 people.

The aircraft also promises 25% lower fuel burn and CO2 emissions compared to their competitors. The wings of the ACJ350 morph in-flight which results in the most efficient and cost-effective flight possible as well as reducing drag while lowering fuel burn. The aircraft also features a no-drilling concept for the VIP cabin outfitting in carbon fibre fusselage; a concept unique to Airbus. The runway overrun prevention system also assures optimum safety. The ACJ350 is a gorgeous, luxurious and ultra-comfortable aircraft and if it is innovation and luxury you’re after, this is the private jet for you.


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Boeing BBJ Max 7
Price: Around Rs 7 Billion

Given its luxurious and spacious interiors, it really does not come as a surprise to us that this private jet is loved by so many! And with a cabin design unlike any other, the BBJ Max 7 is the choice most people would make without having to think twice. The aircraft that brings space, comfort, and range all at once, the BBJ Max 7 has everything one expects a luxury private jet to have. The BBJ Max 7 is an exceptional private jet and has an updated flight deck, a reduced noise profile, and highly improved aerodynamics. The aircraft has up to a 7000 nmi range that connects key city pairs, letting you travel anywhere you want. It has more cabin space than the original BBJ and also has additional volume in the lower lobe to store cargo.

The BBJ MAX family from Boeing features some of the best options when it comes to private jets. The newer, more fuel-efficient CFM LEAP 1B engines that the BBJ MAX 7 comes equipped with reduce fuel burn and emissions. With its 470 knots maximum cruising speed, the aircraft can reach up to a service ceiling of 41,000 feet. The aircraft can seat up to 19 passengers. The aircraft also has a customizable layout that can be changed as per your need to include open working and meeting spaces, bathrooms with stand-up showers, or spacious lounge areas. The interiors take inspiration from nature and provide a relaxed, peaceful, and calm yet luxurious experience for the passengers.


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Cessna Citation Longitude
Price: Around Rs 2 Billion

A stunning, super-mid-size jet, the Cessna Citation Longitude is perfect for private plane charter flights. It can seat up to 12 people and comes with a cabin that is the quietest in its class. Equipped with 15 large windows that provide stellar views and more than enough natural light, the aircraft promises optimum travel quality. A transatlantic range, advanced engineering, and a cabin experience that you’re guaranteed to remember forever characterize the aircraft. The wireless cabin management system ensures you are in control of the cabin and the exclusive soundproofing techniques developed specially to design the world’s quietest super-midsize cabin help you arrive at your destination perfectly well-rested.

The best part about the aircraft is probably its spacious, flat-floor, six-foot stand-up cabin that also offers the best-in-class legroom for ultimate comfort. The interior is entirely customisable and you can choose to customise your own layout. The aircraft was built for maximum efficacy and features fully integrated auto throttles and the LINXUS software; the most advanced on-board diagnostic system in the industry. The Cessna Longitude is the best choice for those looking for a private jet for business purposes.


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Dassault Falcon8X
Price: Around Rs 4 Billion

A large-cabin jet that offers a unique combination of efficiency, flexibility, and long-range along with quiet and spacious comfort. All this is balanced perfectly in a way that creates a flying experience exceeding the expectations of every customer. Dassault’s reputation of building precision military and commercial aircraft is clearly visible in the luxurious private business jets that come under the Falcon line. The 8X is particularly renowned for handling multiple short-haul landings and take-offs on even too short or too steep runways making the 8X the best choice for getting to remote travel destinations. The aircraft has an ultra-long-range capacity and a 3-engine ‘trijet’ setup makes any extensive trips a breeze.

The interiors are also spacious enough and one can get it customized to their preferences as well. A Ka-band satcom solution ensures non-stop internet and communication and for convenience, passengers can also control all cabin functions through a mobile app or just by using side-ledge controls.