His spontaneity is what we admire about him. And not to miss he is an exceptional designer with a great message. Meet Zack Lugo, influencer, & streamer! 

The comedy content made him popular but what really caught our attention was a fashionably talented young man with a heart of gold. Zack Lugo, a TikTok sensation whose most famous video to date has been “questions for girls” is today now just a creator but also an inspiration to the young generation. Throughout our conversation with this charming personality, he has been spreading positivity & we’d hate for you to miss out on this. From his journey into the entertainment industry to now working with the most recognized luxury brands; we have gossiped about it all. Keep reading and know all about Zack Lugo! 

Zack Lugo 1

Sweater: heaven can wait __heavencanwait__
Pants: nahmias @nahmias__
Shoes: golden goose @goldengoose

Welcome to L’Officiel Zack! You are a true inspiration, starting at such a young age and building the empire you have today is truly great. Please share your personal story, how you started and what motivated you?

Well first off thank you very much. I grew up in a small town in southern Idaho. I was always interested in modeling. Content creation is something I started pursuing after I started skating. I always wanted to make skateboarding content or even be a pro skateboarder someday. When I was just finishing high school, TikTok was just becoming popular. I hated school, and at the time I was working 3 jobs. So I started working hard to post a broad range of content including a mix of modeling and skateboarding on social media. Eventually things started to take off and I moved to Los Angeles. Here I am now.

Zack Lugo 2

Set: Marcelo Burlon

It’s impressive to see you as a designer. Your first collection was sure a hit, tell us about why you created your own brand.

Fashion for me was always so hard to express living in a small town. Growing up, I could never wear what I wanted to wear because I would get tons of hate. After I moved to LA, I became more confident and found the courage to start pushing myself out of my comfort zone and wearing what I wanted. After that I started my own clothing company Runaway Kid and my first launch was called “Hate is Ugly”. I believe everybody is beautiful in their own way, but hate is ugly, and that’s what inspired this collection. The design behind the streetwear line is half long sleeve tee and half short sleeve tee cut down the middle and sown together creating 2 colors and 2 arm lengths. This was inspired by a vintage thrifting company that reached out to me called Ragz revenge!

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion has become such a big part of my life. From personal photo shoots for my social media to fashion week events and magazine covers, I’ve found a love for it. One of my favorite things to do is get styled and do photoshoots. This is how I first learned to experiment and push myself to try new things. I recently shot a campaign for Fendi and attended the Fendi show at New York Fashion Week. I absolutely loved the outfit their team chose for me to wear and I’m so grateful to be working with them.

Zack Lugo 3

Full fit: Nanushka @nanushka

Name three things you can’t live without?

Emma brooks, Water, Skateboard. 

What’s one thing many people don’t know about you?

I’m a momma’s boy.

We’d love to know about some of your favorite cologne brands and also your current favorite?

Saint Laurent is my go to.  

Zack Lugo 4

Top: plagueground 
Bottoms: Nahmias
Shoes: gcds 

Social media can be either good or bad. How do you deal with all the trolls or hate comments you receive on digital platforms?

Simply just not looking at them. I follow a lot of my supporters back and when you become friends, they are always at the top of the comments which helps a ton. I won’t feed into any negativity.

If not a model, content creator, social media star or fashion designer, who would be Zack Lugo, and what would your life be like?

Honestly, I’d be a pro skateboarder.

Zack Lugo 6

Top: Techin
Bottoms: teddy vonranson 
Shoes: Golden Goose

Although there are still four months left, what’s the best thing that has happened to you this year? 

Fashion week in New York, Milan, and Paris. The past few weeks have been absolutely insane and I am so grateful.

Time to spill secrets, tell us about some of your upcoming plans?

Well, I have an amazing opportunity to work with my dream brand, Dior. I’ll be able to share more info on that soon!

One piece of advice for all your fans?

Never settle. Don’t settle for the bare minimum, reach out for your goals.