When you ask us to talk about the designer that was born with a love for fashion, our minds would straight up think of a brilliant celeb designer, Irena Soprano!

The lady who single-handedly made her fashion label famous all around the world Irena Soprano is a true inspiration in the fashion industry. Starting at a young age with a plausible desire to create something and make people beautiful. Today, her brand is spotted everywhere on red carpets, and celebrities like Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Cardi B, Alicia Keys, Eva Longoria, Paris Hilton, Nicole Scherzinger, and more have rocked wearing her label. We were so excited to talk about her luxurious atelier and what’s brewing for the upcoming season. Without any further ado, get in and know all about her and her extraordinary label! 

Irena, nice to meet you!  Your brand Sol Angelann is known not only in Russia but also our famous Indian actresses wear your dresses on red carpets and big events. Nora Fatehi and Shilpa Shetty Kundra were charming in their outfits! It is a big success, my congratulations ! 

-Hello! It’s a  great honor for me that stars choose my design. The dresses became widely known in USA, Europe, UAE, Russia – Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Cardi B, Alicia Keys, Eva Longoria, Paris Hilton, Nicole Scherzinger, Coco Rocha, Sarah Sampaio, Lorde and other international celebrities are choosing «SOL Angelann» for the red-carpet appearances. Today SOL Angelann clothes are presented and can be bought in Moscow, Paris, London, Los Angeles, New York, Doha, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and I hope that in the near future we can be on the Indian market too!

Irena, you are a vivid example of a self-made woman who managed to establish several businesses in the fashion industry at once. Tell our readers a little more about your projects.

SOL Atelier is my first project that has been scaled from a small basement room into a large and beautiful space where exclusive clothing is sewn according to the preferences of every customer. Another project is SOL by Irena Soprano, a brand of clothing and accessories that includes evening, casual, sportswear, swimwear, as well as shoes and accessories. Recently, we opened the flagship boutique SOL by IrenaSoprano at the Trekhgornaya Manufactory. The SOL CityTex project is a production for mass tailoring of textile products, one of the largest in Moscow. SOL Crystal is a production and laboratory where fabrics decorated with crystals are made. SOL Kids is a brand of children’s clothing. City SOL is a brand of comfortable eco-clothing for sports and at home. We also have a fashion business school – SOL Fashion School.

Irena 1

How did you come up with the idea of starting your own atelier? Did you expect the SOL Atelier project to become so successful?

-The idea itself was born when I was still working as an organizer of large events. Beautiful and unusual images are always needed for celebrations, and I decided that I would create them myself. At first, I sewed clothes for myself, then for my friends, gradually I began to have clients, they became more and more, and by now my hobby has grown into a large atelier. I had no doubt that my studio would be successful because I invested all my strength, time, love, and energy in it, and when you invest 1000% of yourself in your business, success is yet to come.

What is the concept of SOL Atelier? What is its uniqueness?

The concept of the Atelier is really simple. We sew clothes of any complexity according to the individual standards of our clients. I think that our uniqueness is in the atmosphere, in the team. I have an incredible team that loves what they do, real professionals work with me who know how to make high-quality things. Our customers come to a magical, kind, I’m not afraid of this word, family atmosphere. They know for sure that they will receive the best service and individual approach – this is the uniqueness of my atelier.

What motivates you to keep up your ideas and dreams?

Surely, I try to improve myself and improve my business every day. My love of learning helps me in this – I am constantly studying and trying to learn something new. Another source of motivation is my family, my children. In general, I am still a dreamer, and for me, my dreams are goals that I always achieve.

Do you manage to find time for yourself and your family, while owning several businesses at once?

Yes. Otherwise, there would be no success. I try to catch everything and everywhere. I can say that no area of my life suffers, but on the contrary, it develops and gives me more and more energy. I believe that balance is very important here, and there is a balance when there is unconditional love.

Irena 2

What inspires you?

I am inspired by the beauty that I see in everything, in every little thing. I am inspired by travel – from there I draw new ideas for my collections. I am inspired by the burning eyes of my favorite customers, their ideas that we bring to life. My whole life is an inspiration.

In your opinion what are some important skills or traits needs for fashion designer, give please advice to our readers

For future fashion designers it is very important to have a strong sense of creativity, to create innovative designs that people want to buy and wear. drawing and computer illustration skills also help you create sketches that develop your own designs. Since fashion designers work with various parties and industry professionals it also helps to have strong interpersonal skills. Also art or fashion education will help you in your industry!

How do you plan to develop your business in the future?

At the moment, my school of fashion business SOL Fashion School is being developed. This is a cool educational project for everyone who wants to change their life, for everyone who dreams of launching their own brand and creating their own clothing collection. Now I am putting all my strength and knowledge there. There are also plans to open their own boutiques in all countries of the world.

What does success mean to you? And which is your main motto in life?

Success for me is my team, with which we have reached certain heights. I am over the moon when I see the happy faces of all my guests and dear customers. Success is when you give the world beauty. Success is an opportunity to express yourself, which you use 100%.

My motto is very easy: Anyone can become big when you desire it and  work hard for it!