The only thought that comes to mind after witnessing this beauty is, ‘Fashion is Outrageous.’ Her style is mood, vibe, look & match! Her mix and match moment is our favorite moment for this summer. The pleasing aesthetics should be your goal with the motive to dress better than the rest!

Photographer: David Vicho @david_vicho
Stylist: Paola de Abreu @paola_deabreu
Make Up: Anna Gonzalez
Model: Michelle Ichofe @michelleichofe
Retouch: Sonia Trenado @strenadophoto
Fashion film director: Axel Marin Melgar @ axl_marmel
Fashion film photo director: Carlos Nava @carlosnavabnk
Music producer: Nils Marin Melgar @neelz.wav
Focus puller: Daniele Serventi @Daniele.serventi

July Fashion Shoot 1

Dress: Nicoletta Valentina
Necklace: Silvina Rio Jewelry

July Fashion Shoot 4

Dress: Isabel Sanchis
Earrings: Fernando Rodriguez

July Fashion Shoot 3

Dress: Tamara Pauny
Hat: Zahati

July Fashion Shoot 2

Dress: Victor Von Schwarz
Head Scarf: Area