Neda Zehra Debiase lives life by manifesting high-frequency energy vibrations. Which basically means your vibration is based on feelings and your feelings attract your experiences in life. Manifestation is all about creating reality by what you feel. She believes people attract those things that they are in vibrational resonance with. The more you experience the feeling of what you want, the more you will get closer to owning it. It’s good to attract the right things to stay aligned with yourself.

According to Neda, there are steps you can take to get there and it all starts with your soul. “For great things to happen, you have to believe in the life you want to achieve.”

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Practicing gratitude is one of the highest frequency emotions that we can embody. Neda says, “Some things that have helped me stay grounded have been meditation, having a vision board, swimming, reiki, smiling, reading, journal writing, poetry, music, singing, dancing, using positive affirmations daily, collecting crystals and setting intensions, getting creative, spending time in nature, photography, working out, being spontaneous & fearless”. Letting go of those things that hold you back from your hopes and dreams can lead towards self-confidence.

Emotions are also energy and energy attract energy according to the law of attraction. Your feelings create your reality. That is why it is important when choosing to listen to music that you want to feel the music that connects to your heart. You would want to experience what you want to become reality when listening. Instead of songs that can cause you to feel negative emotions because those feelings will very well attract those conditions into your life.

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Neda explains how some of us carry trauma for many years without realizing it affects our daily life & unfortunately are not taught how to properly heal from the pain and that can affect others around us. Healing your heart through self-love is important. You need to release any pain you have encountered, surrender and let go of the past to move forward with a healthy mind. Moving on without healing can affect people, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Until that is released, we cannot move into higher vibrations, fewer expectations, or non-ego mindset & realize at the end of the day that beauty, love, and strength are carried within us all along.

Neda feels all this helps clear our chakras, align with our highest self, help visualize things with our 3rd eye that helps us with our intuition, insight & see things as they truly are. All that stagnant negative energy that was trapped helps get released & all those things that used to upset you, become the past with no attachments. You start to see life in a whole different way. As you raise that vibration, your manifestation becomes stronger.

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We might not realize it, but we all manifest daily and must control our thoughts. You have power, so when you think of negative or positive thoughts, you need to expect the results you feel. You can’t force things & need to let things go with the flow. Surrender & trust the universe will handle and give you the good intentions you deserve.

She even explains how sometimes we try to get to a place where we sit in an uncomfortable feeling to move forward. Always feeling comfortable does not yield progress. This can take you to your highest self, where you can realize your true calling in life. “Be consistent & remain to manifesting, it’s all within you. Be true to yourself”.

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Being a fearless & spiritual person has helped give Neda the freedom to live life in a way that feels aligned with her true self. By sharing her experiences, her goal is to help people heal in different ways and help guide them based on their own unique experiences to help them get there. “I believe in the power of energy healing, manifesting & our higher consciousness. We all can be healed and experience inner peace, as long we practice this daily and take care of our mind, body & soul”

We are all on our journey in life, with many lessons to face but one thing we all have in common is our energy vibrations. Self-love is the most important key to shine & rise! Finally, Neda enlightened us by saying that she would soon come out with her new project to help people reach their highest self. Stay Tuned!