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When Black Speaks, Everything Else Appears To Be Weak

fashion shoot

The colour of the night never lies, when the stars twinkle and the moon lit up the sky. Black represents power, strength, and sophistication. Natalia portrays the importance of black in a single frame, being a powerful lady of todays world, she dominates our hearts. Take a look!

Team Credits:

Fashion photographer- Yulia German 

Model- Natalia Slatova 

Fashion stylist- Veronika Lemle 

Makeup artist- Elvina Djimal

Hair stylist- Anna Liljestrand

fashion shoot

Dress- Vincent Licari, Bracelet- Coolook, Earring- The Vit

Dress- Vincent Licari, Earring- IZA by Silvia

Dress- Dina Melwani, Boots- Teal House, Earring- The Vit

Blouse- Labentine, Pants- Imperial, Earring- NL

Dress- Vincent Licari, Earring- IZA by Silvia

Costume- Stephanie Rens, Shoes- Tommy Hilfiger, Gloves-, Bag- Lucky Nelly, Top- Victoria Secret, Necklace- IZA by Silvia

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