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Playing Dress-Up In Paris


We Still Can’t Get Over The Beguiling Glamour That Took Place During The Last Fashion Month. So, Get Ready To Witness
More Of Our Favourite Looks From The Paris Fashion Week.

Every aspiring designer’s path to success in the glorious fashion industry is enriched by fashion shows. The purpose of these ramp shows is to provide proficient and young minds with new and indigenous designs with the chance to use a new platform. Once that is done, there’s no looking back. It’s all about shimmer and glamour. Innovative designers and artists get the chance to present their prestigious work to the world during fashion design exhibits. Industry experts include fashion designers, models, make-up artists, retail buyers, fashion journalists, trendsetters, and consumers. Can you guess the spellbinding work that goes behind a huge event as a ramp show?

More than merely presenting clothing may be done with the podium. But fashion isn’t just finite to the ramp. A luxury fashion
presentation speaks much more than just designs. We all have witnessed times when fashion creatives have brought stunning line of apparel on the ramp with extraordinary stories to tell. And what better than the extravagant Fashion Week in the fashion capital – Paris to show us some of it? Yes, we’re back to round-up two collections from Paris’ AW23 collections. Stay with us and take a look at these mesmerizing fashion moments.




There’s no scarcity of fashion staples and ways they can be played around with. For FW23, Valentino revamps the outdated notions of a black – tie at the Paris Fashion Week. The phrase and collection were, at times, used literally in the collection, with black ties appearing frequently in both men’s and women’s clothing by Pierpaolo Piccioli. After showcasing the exemplary theme of “Unboxing Valentino” with its Spring/Summer 2023 collection, the brand was shining bright on the ramp this season as well. Valentino spectacled its Fall/Winter 2023 collection labelled “Black Tie.”

Who says black tie is just a rule of attire? In the world of Pierpaolo Piccioli, it is more than just that. According to the designer, it’s a way ‘to live life in style.’ Tapping the traditional uniform and suiting attire, the designer made sure to leave his fresh and sprightly imprints on the wardrobe essentials. And as expected, the ideas and the execution had the power to take down the internet world and the streets. Along with a tonne of face jewellery and striking silver earrings, minidresses and skirts were worn with straightforward black boots.

The black tie was frequently worn to add formality to suits, vests made of interlocking bows. Double–breasted coats accentuated with a black-and- white chessboard pattern, and ethereal dresses with sequins or another using sheer black tulle, feather cuffs, and crystal embellishments. Finale dresses paired with matching–coloured shirts and ties are undoubtedly not your typical business attire anymore. The freedom in the constraint, was the notion in Piccioli’s opinion, that he accentuated on the runway.



Following a contentious campaign portraying young children holding teddy bears dressed in bondage in November, all eyes were on Balenciaga’s creative director Demna. Here, he allowed his attire to speak for itself. Gimmicks and viral clickbait items were no longer there (apart from one big purse tucked under a model’s arm). Instead, he used inflatable forms that were sewn into the linings of hoodies, motorcycle jackets, and tracksuits to experiment with silhouettes. Under asymmetrical swags, purses were concealed by voluminous gowns in silk georgette that were draped and gathered. Trousers were transformed into coats as tailoring was deconstructed in the FW23 collection of Balenciaga.

A much more fundamental transformation is coming for Balenciaga in addition to the styling. The fact that the apparel and accessories were free of branding served as the only sign of it. The appeal of very apparent branding has been an integral aspect of the cult of Balenciaga that Demna has helped spread throughout the global popular street culture.

A long, long runway, resembling a road back, was instead present. It was lined with cream-coloured toile, the basic material from which fashion designs are cut and the equivalent of a blank page in terms of fashion. There was also a claustrophobically low ceiling, a quiet in the air as if everyone were holding their breath and a lack of any other architectural features.

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