Tired of Using the Same Handbag Again and Again? Check These Wide varieties of Wallets That Are Exclusively for All the Beautiful Ladies Out There


“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” Once quoted Yves Saint Laurent, founder of an eponymous fashion label, Saint-Laurent. Your fashion is your won visiting card, you portray your taste and likings by choosing how you choose your attire.


“Fashions fade, style is eternal.”


SAINT LAURENT, Envelope quilted textured-leather wallet,

Price approx. 39,000

For years now, humans have been changing the way they dress. Specifically, fashion for women has been an absurd surge in just about 50 years. From long-length dresses in which ladies were not allowed to show their skin, now they can choose what to wear, and how to wear. Not only liberalizing, but fashion has also played a major role in revolutionizing women.


SEE BY CHLO, Hana embellished textured-leather wallet,

Price approx. 21,000


CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN, Paloma rubber-trimmed textured-leather wallet,

Price approx. 42,000

Bound by the set of barriers that they had to face in the 90s has slowly started to ease up a bit. From the French revolution to the Me-too Movement, fashion has been an integral part of a movement. One of the most prominent parts of fashion is the accessory which can glorify or nullify the prominence of an attire.


BOTTEGA VENETA, Cassette intrecciato leather wallet,

Price approx. 58,000


SAINT LAURENT, Puffer quilted shearling clutch,

Price approx. 1,71,000

How can we not talk about handbags if we are talking about accessories? Handbags are the epitome of the fashion industry. From carrying your essentials, they carry your fashion sense too. Wallets are the need of the hour here, where men have dedicated pockets to wallets, women do not have such amenities. It was made for men to carry their essentials. But as the times are changing, this accessory has also made its way to a modern-day woman.


LOEWE, Bracelet small pleated leather pouch,

Price approx. 55,000


BALENCIAGA, Papier mini printed textured-leather wallet,

Price approx. 18,500

Wallets are now also popular among all women too. They are convenient, more feasible, easily store your essentials, and spare less space for unwanted spaces. Today, we have got some eye-catching and dazzling wallets for all the lovely ladies out there!


FENDI, Debossed leather pouch,

Price approx. 75,500


ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, Skull croc-effect leather cardholder

Price approx. 19,000