Tired of using new Perfumes and Deodorants? Well, do not worry as this craving might come to an end today. Check this Out!

SOLEIL BRULANT CAPTURES THE HIGH-SHINE BRILLIANCE OF THE GOLDEN SUN BEAMING ON A PRIVATE OASIS. Claims Tom Ford with the release of its brand-new addition to the Private Blend Collection named Soleil Brulant.

Perplexed; your mind would be if you read how many times Sun has been used on the official store of Tom Ford. But don’t you worry, we assure you by the end of your reading chores, you’d be formally or informally presented with the facts that you need to know before buying this Luxury aroma. Stay Hooked before getting it booked!

Founded by an American designer Thomas Carlyle Ford, Tom Ford was initially launched in 2005. Although, it;s young age should not be confused by the vitality of this brand. We indeed have seen some of the most aromatic fragrances from Tom Ford in the past decade.

Anyways, talking about the guest of today’s show Soleil Brulant, it comprises top notes of Bergamot, Mandarin Orange, and Pink Pepper, middle notes of Honey and Orange Blossom, & base notes of Resin, Olibanum, Amber, Woody, Leather and Vetiver. Now, you must be thinking that these notes denote of perfection. I mean, what could go wrong? Rather than complementing each other, each note dominates each other. It’s like youll see each note fight against each other for your 60 seconds of attention. Top note of Bergamot fades as rapidly as water on a waterproof matt. Although, it comprises of Amber and Honey but its burnt instead of sweet.

The applicability is also an area of concern. While Unisex is the term used by Tom Ford but keeping the heavy leather and burnt honey in mind, we can easily call it a masculine driven fragrance. Although, females may or may not like it according to thier preference.


Claims Tom Ford with the release of its brand-new addition to the Private Blend Collection named Soleil Brulant.

Coming to the design and the packaging itself, the bottle represents the shine and glimmer of a sun in a golden vial which has the Tom Ford written upfront. Although the bottle is heavy and sturdy, packaging is an area where improvements could be done. I mean, who likes to get their luxury aroma in a thin cardboard box?

If this perfume would have been a part of the Signature collection, Kudos can be written all over the place. But Private Blend is something that it just does not speaks of. But again, Smell is as subjective as a debate in a political house, if you do think that Soleil Brulant is for you do let us know what did you liked about it. Until then, Smell good because as Dianna Ackerman once said Smell is the mute sense, the one without words.