A night to highlight the key element of elegance in the city that defines fashion. Gabi Rodrigues poses among the city lights, completing her frame with myraid of stunning dresses and mesmerising hues. Her frame is adorned with the ubiquitous charmers of Milan and it looks like they belong together.


Photographer: Alex Dani 

Stylist: Tania Tuka

Model: Gabi Rodrigues at Elite Milano

Muah: Monia Iovino

Muahâs assistant: Elisa Riezzo

fashion shoot

Dress: Ju-nna, Bag: Mary Smallwood, Boots: Casadei

fashion shoot

Jacket: Delfrance, Dress: Chalety

fashion shoot

Dress: Adelbel, Bag: Christopher Michael Belt, Boots: Casadei

fashion shoot

Dress: iStylesCreations, Shoes: Casadei

fashion shoot

Umbrella: Flora For Faunas, Dress: Odi odi, Shoes: Oteri