We all drool over the deluxe properties of celebrities, whenever they put their homes up on the market. While they are some of the plushest inspirations for home decor, it is their vanity and bathroom area that specifically grabs our attention for being so lavish. What makes them so luxe? Well, to clear the haze, one answer we can give is the flooring and choice of tiles. Indeed, the choice of tile is a big factor in revamping a bathroom and amplifying a chic look. While there are many alternatives like stone, linoleum, porcelain, ceramics and vinyl, they all stand different from one another in terms of durability, fanciness, cost, maintenance and resistance to degrading elements. We have got you a comparative view of the best options in bathroom flooring.

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

It is made of very sleek plastic or fibreglass that is sandwiched with various other layers like one of printed design and another of the clear transparent layer. There are many stylish options available in this kind of flooring. Moreover, it is very much resistant to any kind of moisture, steam, and humidity. It is easy to install, replace, clean dirt and is durable with almost 10 years of life. If you have a small bathroom then opt for 1X1 foot tiles and if you have a big one then 5-foot tile planks will suffice. However, some of the things that are a cause of concern are to make sure that water does not seep through beneath the sheet in case a sharp object falls and cuts through the surface. Some LVT’s are prone to bumps and scratches which are hard to repair, so check for that. Since this is a very cost-effective option, its resale value is a bit low.

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We have got you a comparative view of the best options in bathroom flooring.

Ceramic Tiles

These are much harder tiles as they are made of natural earthy clays which are strengthened with a rigorous heating process and then glazed. Since they are hard so they are more durable than any other option with almost 40 years of life. They have a plethora of options that can beautify your master bathroom and vanity area. Do not fear any constraints as this tile is water, moisture and heat resistant. However, it is not low maintenance as it needs good scrubbing to remove stains and to keep it shining. It’s a bit difficult to install in case there emerge any cracks but since they are less cheaper than LVT they have more resale value.

What to buy?

Both, LVT and ceramic tiles are the most decorative options to facelift your bathroom. However, if you seek durability then go for ceramic ones while for those who seek low maintenance and cost, LVT is a great option.