Start afresh

Start afresh

Detoxification is our body’s way of recharging itself, much like our cell phones. The way a mobile phone slows down when there are too many applications on it, cluttering the space and RAM, our body slows down when it is cluttered with toxins, tensions and pressures of everyday life. 

As deleting the applications that you don’t need will speed up your phone, removing unwanted toxins and pressures off your body will relax and rejuvenate you.

In a natural process, our body detoxifies itself every day through liver and kidneys. However, even the ancient practices of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine systems recommend making a determined effort to detoxify the body at a regular basis. 

Detox means cleansing your blood. Detoxification works on the cell level of the body and therefore, it is effective. A detox program can help you uplift your mental as well as physical health in a way that you will never stop receiving compliments for the glowing skin and healthy hair. 

Detoxing helps by regulating hormone levels, controlling body weight by sorting and exporting fat, reducing cholesterol, cleansing the blood, improving circulation and refueling the body with healthy nutrients.

A simple detox diet and exercise routine done under the guidance of experts can help your body and mind feel refreshed. To detoxify your body, include plenty of fibres in your diet, increase your intake of Vitamin C after a consultation with a doctor. Drink lots of water every day without fail. Carry a bottle of water with you and keep sipping every 
few minutes. 

Do deep breathing exercises and meditation. Keep stress at bay and focus more on positive things in your life. Sweat in a sauna to remove waste from body through perspiration. Opt for detox spas to remove toxins from your pores. Exercise regularly. There are many harmful toxins in our surroundings today… in air, water and land. It has become a matter of grave concern to detox, but not just on a physical level. Here’s a lowdown on how to detox your mind, body and soul.

Water Detox 
Water is the solution to many problems. A water detox is the best way to start the process. It is simple, effective and cost-saving. Drink a minimum of eight glasses of water every day. 

Skin and Hair Detox
Our skin and hair bear the direct brunt of the external environmental factors. Therefore, a periodic detox of skin and hair is recommended to keep them healthy and beautiful. Also known as the beauty detox, these help rejuvenate your skin and hair.

The first step is to disconnect your skin and hair from everything. Go without makeup and hair products for two days. Wash with plain water. The next step is to treat your body to a relaxing spa. Keep in mind that you go only to a certified spa centre and opt for detoxifying therapies such as seaweed wraps, lymph drainage massages, algae spas etc. You can also use some exfoliating masks of charcoal, clay, mud and vitamin C. These rituals will help remove dead skin cells.
Dermatologists also recommend going for regular fractional carbon dioxide laser treatments, chemical peels  and PRP treatments that reverse the signs of ageing, tighten the sagging skin, remove under eye dark circles and fine lines. 

A hair spa helps make it stronger, healthier and thicker. You can also follow a DIY process at home. Start by shampooing from the nape and work towards the hairline. This will cleanse the follicles. Put the hair dryer away and let your hair dry naturally. Use dermatologically 
tested and recommended serums to nourish the hair. Use deep treatments like keratin, once a week to nourish the hair. Opt for organic and natural fixes over chemical ones.

Wardrobe Detox
What you wear reflects and affects your mood greatly. If you are dressed well and comfortable, you feel happy and rested. Three basic steps to a successful wardrobe detox are remove, recycle and reinvent. 

Our environmental footprint goes a long way in helping us detox. Studies have shown that millions of tonnes of clothes go in the landfill every year. Your wardrobe detox should help you reduce this wastage. Remove the clothes, shoes and accessories that you have not worn for a long time. The ones that you absolutely love and wear should go back in the wardrobe. For the rest of the pile, recycle and reinvent by experimenting with 
various styles. 

Digital Detox
Everyday in our life, we are surrounded by screens all round us. We carry our phone in our pocket, we are depended on the GPS to take us everywhere. Smart devices at homes send us reminders for things to do. Offline is the new luxury. 

Every once a while, we need to put down the screens around us and pick life up for some spiritual maintenance. A digital detox is a period of time during which a person refrains from using any electronic devices such as smartphones, computers, iPad, kindles smart TVs etc. It is a great way to reduce stress from our daily lives and focus on live social interactions in the physical world. Digital detox is the way to cleanse your mind off the pressure and stress of social media. 

The first step to digital detox is to declutter your phone. Remove the applications that you have not checked in a while, filter the WhatsApp groups that you don’t participate in. Plan the period that you want to detox in. Let your friends, family and co-workers know that you are going on a detox. Enlist their help, so that they don’t feel offended when you don’t reply to their messages instantly. Make a list of things that you want to do when you are on detox such as gardening, revamping your room, going on a holiday, taking up a hobby etc. Log off the social media accounts. Limit your screentime everyday and slowly reduce the time. Leave your devices at home when you go out. Put electronic devices out of reach so that you are not tempted to pick them up. Meditate and relax your mind to help it declutter.

34 per cent people in the age group of 16 to 24 years have taken some form of digital hiatus last year. A simple digital detox will leave you feeling energetic and refreshed. Statistics have proven that people who have opted for digital detox have found the experience liberating, see a boost in their productivity, have better decision making abilities, spend quality time with family and friends.

If you have not yet tried detox, then this is the right time to take the plunge into the chemical free, healthier and non-digital world for a better life.

*This article has been contributed by Dr. Rinky Kapoor. She is a cosmetic dermatologist and co-founder of The Esthetic Clinics. She is a Consultant Dermatologist, Cosmetic Dermatologist & Dermato-Surgeon at Fortis Hospitals, Mumbai. 

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