Don’t Hide It. Period.

By Deviyani Gupta


While progressive India has moved mountains in terms of development, there’s still one
heap it can’t seem to make sense of. As a country opening its arms to 1.3 billion citizens,
88% of our women population continue to rely on old rags, plastic, sand and ash that it at
their disposal during “that” time of the month. While bio-psychology states it as it is- It’s
blood; Period, the taboo around menstruation continues to remain treated as dirty and
impure. This lack of access to clean pads and hush hush around the “bad word” only results
in serious health problems.
In an attempt to break the silence around periods, Neha Tulsian of NH1 design partners with
designer Pallavi Mohan to raise funds for a better and aware India by setting up Akaar
foundation. The factory will employ local women to manufacture and distribute bio-
degradable, low-cost sanitary napkins to the rural areas of Rajasthan and adjoining states.
While NH1 Design comes up with eye opening packaging to bust the myth around hiding it,
designer Pallavi has designed exclusive T-shirts carrying the message using hand sequins.
What could be a better way than starting a conversation around the subject, than a tagline
on each pad, dismissing taboos that are still very real?!


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