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Second summit in New York by Goop had a lot to offer. We underline the major takeaways.

Second summit in New York by Goop had a lot to offer. We underline the major takeaways.

Ear seeding, clean beauty, plant-based diets, and a lot more was discussed during the recently held Goop Health Summit 2019 in Manhattan. But, why are we talking about it? Why is it important to talk about everything that was said in that event, a day packed with talks on health, group meditation, informative panels with authors, researchers and doctors. Because  it  helped women discover things about themselves, their bodies and soul. Not just this, but the summit also emphasised on the need to stay healthy through right food and right mindset.

The second edition of the summit was divided into four core areas: mind, beauty, food and energy. And guests included who’s who (actors Demi Moore, Cameron Diaz, Ariana Huffington, Elle Macpherson, and Gucci Westman among others) as well as several thinkers, artists and speakers, and around 600 guests.

With concentration over a lot of major points including medication, lack of self-consciousness, sleeping; this summit brought together tonnes of highlights that should be focused on. Gaining popular votes was the urge to know more about Psychedelics. At the summit which included experts. Dr. Will Siu and Dr. Alex Belser put together an idea on getting to the roots of mental illness. The experts went on to discuss about the alternative medicines that could be prescribed that not only will heal mental health but also would help in inciting spiritual experiences.

The Summit went on to discuss about the idea as to how sleep is the key to wellness. Reported by many, as one of the most popular activities, Goop had collaborated with Buffy, a sustainable comforter brand (with fills being made of recycled water bottles). The space was occupied by the brand’s comforters and the attendees could get cozy to wind up the day perfectly.

And who could forget about ear seeding. There are plenty of points in the ears that connect to various parts of our body. Hence, throughout the day, some of the famous acupuncturists applied ear seeds to three points of the outer ear which are basically tiny gems that are known to ease you out of stress or anxiety.

Apart from this, there was a lot discussed about connecting food with our mood and how digital detox is certainly a thing which will soon take over. Dr. Uma Naidoo, a psychiatrist who formed a part of the panel talked about how certain foods can not affect us physically but also mentally, for example, turmeric for depression or ginger for anxiety. She also discussed how connecting one’s diet with emotional needs might turn out to be a big trend in some years.

Goop, founded by Gwyneth Paltrow allowed the attendees to discover their inner self. A one-day ticket worth $1,000 might feel heavy, but only on pockets, not on your mind. Below are some major trends:


A major topic of discussion during the summit was to concentrate over alternatives to anti depression pills. Dr. Ellen Vora, a leading psychiatrist talked about healing depression and anxiety without the help of pills but rather relying on healing workshops. WelleCo founder, Elle Macpherson also discussed about it as she talked about her own brand which inclines towards powder supplements over pills. Goop also very recently introduced a line of chewable ingestibles that can help cure it.

Clean Makeup

A lot was discussed about clean beauty during the summit. From beauty experts to consumers, everybody was clear on the usage of organic and clean beauty products. CEO at beautycounter, Gregg Renfrew listed around 1,500 ingredients that are completely banned from the list of ingredients in her beauty products. Celebrity makeup artist, Gucci Westman spoke about her new makeup line where she has used mostly organic ingredients and usage of synthetic ingredients has been undertaken only where it is safe for skin. Finally, a masterclass was also taken in order to show a ‘no makeup, makeup look.’

Facial Massage

Along with beauty offerings, what also became popular was facial massage. Anastasia Achilleos, a facialist from London was in town to take a masterclass on facial lymphatic drainage where women strived to mimic her hand movements. Her techniques are mostly designed to slim down the face.

Ketotarian Diet

Much emphasis was laid on the ketotarian diet that is needed nowadays. Dr. Will Cole at the summit discussed the importance of diet. Cole’s book, Ketotarian, was also available to purchase at the summit which talked about how one can rely on vegetables and healthy fats instead of carbs for energy.