Enchanting Chambers

Enchanting Chambers


Sited at a vast expanse of 2,500 hectares, this valley in Corsica is surrounded by rich and untouched countryside. It is the realm of Paul Canarelli, who inherited it from his grandfather and further converted it into a luxury destination for tourists. It is not just an agricultural touristic location, but has much more to offer. 

Its 20 villas, overlooking the seashore, countryside and the valley, exhibit a great heritage of the seventeenth century. It allows the guests to enjoy their stay in total privacy. With its numerous services and the opportunity to explore the landscape and age-old architecture, it is the only 5-star hotel in southern Corsica. With an agenda of not compromising on the comfort and convenience of its patrons, this place offers SUVs to drive around the history of this site. 

For meals, visitors can head to one of the four restaurants of the estate, including La Table de la Ferme run by Mathieu Pacaud, one of the celebrated chefs of France. For indulging in some recreational activities, tourists can take part in private hunts, horseback riding, golfing, or unwind at the spa. 


This 56 metres high block tower, made of stainless steel is designed by the award-winning architect Frank Gehry. He has had a reputation to be the go-to architect for rejuvenation projects of the country. This building of Arles is a titanic project of the Swiss billionaire Maja Hoffmann. He wanted to recreate the 10 hectares of the industrial wasteland into a new artistic eco-system with exhibition halls, research centre, library, artists’ studios and restaurant. The twisting tower clad of aluminium is the centre of attraction for the tourists because of its formation. The glass boxes and shining aluminium panels stacked around, in an irregular formation, are stunning. 


The best kept secret on the coast is just twenty minutes away from Saint-Tropez. This place commemorates the return of the atmosphere of Saint-Tropez back in the 1960s. It is basically a beach club opened in the feet of water, imbibing the spirit of the sea. The restaurant offers various relaxing therapies such as yoga sessions, spa, power naps etc. The visitors can venture on a stand-up paddle or unfold their body for a yoga session with views of the setting sun. Then it’s time for tapas and caipirinhas, which are distinct on their menu. The food and the drinks are enjoyed with heady music which they have to offer.


Benoît Bartherotte, a French businessman rents a few privileged high-end huts in Cap Ferret, which is in the south end commune of the French department of Gironde and Nouvelle-Aquitaine. The huts are inspired by the oyster farmers of the region and their living style. Benoît has been fighting for years to preserve the peninsula of this region. Hence, he has kept the seven bare wooden houses that were lost in the vegetation in their original forms to keep the earthen spirit intact. Leonardo DiCaprio, Isabelle Adjani, Pierre Palmade and Gad Elmaleh are already on the honoured guest list of this accommodation. 


Boris Grébaut, the wonderboy of the French bistronomy, has decided to go green and open a new address in the heart of Perche. The secluded island has eight guest rooms and a table of barely twenty cutleries nestled in a settlement of three buildings. It clearly imbibes the seventeenth-century charm. Known for its unique gastronomical experience, the kitchen of this isolated aboard is 100 per cent local. The herbs come from the kitchen garden or the wild gathering around; meats and cheeses from farms; fruits and vegetables from village markets. Everything here is a matter of inspiration depending on the season. Remember to book in advance.

Chitman Kanwar Ahuja

Chitman Kanwar Ahuja is a feature writer at L'Officiel India. She is a silver jewellery hoarder and an aesthete of all arts. You can find her unraveling new stories day in and day out.