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Mission possible

Botanical robe from the Voice of wild

A blend of sheer hard work and passion, a combination of fashion with sustainability, and a series of stories, led to the birth of brand Kleed. The label not only carries a story behind it, but is also created with a soul and a purpose. Brainchild of Carolina Guedes Cruz, this sustainable loungewear brand celebrates her love for wildlife, indigenous textiles and travel. She tells us how as a child, she often visited Africa with her mother. Today, as an adult, she has imbibed the colours she witnessed, the aromas she inhaled, and the breathtaking sight of animals in the Savannah into her label.

Since the very beginning, as the thought struck her, it was certain where she was headed. “I have always had two ruling passions in my life—Africa and fashion. However, in order for both these worlds to meet, my brand needed to contribute to a cause that made sense to me. I found my calling in the Rhino Conservation initiative,” Carolina says. 

Mitali Goyal

Mitali Goyal is a fashion stylist at L'Officiel India. She is a stationery hoarder and you could come to her, in case, you'd like to know Victoria's Secret.