Harry Winston recently unveiled its new collection of fine jewellery in London, putting unique cocktail rings in the spotlight.

For a long time, fine jewellery has been distinguished in two outputs of stones: precious and semiprecious. This historical distinction was based primarily on the rarity of gems, but also on more ambiguous criteria, such as hardness. Taking the scarcity of stones into consideration, it is more difficult to find a mandarin garnet with exceptional hues than a sapphire or a ruby with ordinary shades.

The jewellery houses these days now combine stones according to the new, more evolved tastes of the customers. The new customer is looking for a jewellery of character, gems with rare tones and unique combinations of stones.

Harry Winston, known worldwide for these diamonds with unheard caratages, has always made colour a privileged ground of expression, although it is not a very popular belief. The jeweller of brilliance proves that this prediction is stronger than ever, at a recent Christie’s auction of a pink diamond called Fancy Vivid. The 18.96 carat stone, which once belonged to the Oppenheimer family, was taken off at a price of $50 million. The gem was further renamed, Winston Pink Legacy.

This new deal has convinced this New York House to give a second life to a series of archival sketches. It comprises glittering cocktail rings in various sizes, dating from 1950s and 1960s. The potential of these drawings allowed the designers of the House to transpose the jeweller’s aesthetic signature into the sphere of gluttony: the result is a fabulous collection in sweet colours.

The Winston Candy collection reunites the brightness of tourmaline, the pastel sweetness of sapphire and the delicacy of mandarin garnet. Together, they are 29 unique pieces, which are such a Winston Candy ring with aquamarines,

Image: Diamonds and blue sapphires and 14 aquamarines, Harry Winston delight to the eyes.


Chitman Kanwar Ahuja

Chitman Kanwar Ahuja is a feature writer at L'Officiel India. She is a silver jewellery hoarder and an aesthete of all arts. You can find her unraveling new stories day in and day out.