Vidhi Singhania & Ashwin Sanghi

Ashwin and Vidhi

He is India’s bestselling author. She is the design pioneer who brought Indian traditional textiles crafts to forefront. Siblings Ashwin Sanghi and Vidhi Singhania might be poles apart but their definition of power resonate with each other. While Vidhi thinks that power is to remain grounded in both success and failure, Ashwin believes that power is about the thoughts you bake, the choices you make, and the actions you take. 

What’re your earliest childhood memories?
Vidhi: Ashwin and I are seven years apart. He has always been the baby of the family, getting away with naughtiness. He was all of six when he was adamant on packing his own suitcase, carry his own bag, and he kept pace. Fiercely independent yet fiercely loyal, and a strong determination of doing things to closure, Ashwin was remarkable, and he still is.
Ashwin: I was utterly irresponsible as a student and would then turn to my sister for help and she would graciously oblige. I was just twelve when she got married and there was a huge vacuum in my life for the next few years.

What do you think of each other’s careers?
Vidhi: His readers wouldn’t know that Ashwin spoke very late. It’s hard to believe that not only does he talk non-stop, but he’s paid to talk as well. He always wrote well, but I never realised he would take it to this level. He is very passionate and intense about his work. 
Ashwin: She pours herself into every design that she crafts. She is not only creative but also meticulous in execution. Her care for the weavers that she employs is truly remarkable. She has succeeded in taking a niche and rather unknown fabric from Kota and converting it into something elegant and fashionable. I believe that the best is yet to come from her.
What have you learnt from each other?
Vidhi: Ashwin can wear many hats at the same time. What’s beautiful is that no matter how busy he is, he will always make time for us. 
Ashwin: She has gone through so many turmoils without flinching. Persistence, optimism, perseverance, empathy, meticulousness, planning, caring, generosity… these are qualities that one could pick up from her. Alas, I am slow on the uptake! 

What is keeping you busy these days?
Vidhi: I have done the costume design for the lead actors of the film, Swords and Scepters: The Rani of Jhansi desiging over 50 made-to-order nauvari saris and matching shoes. 
Ashwin: Three new self-help books have been published this year. My sixth book in the Bharat Series is due for a release towards the end of the year. I am also developing an original story idea for a web series and assisting with the adaptation of one of my books.

BY Nidhi
Managing Editor

Nidhi Raj Singh is the Managing Editor of L'Officiel India. You can find her hidden behind a book when she is not writing or taking photos.