Tribal Touch

Tribal Touch

The bohemian look ought not to be constrained to significant rooms like the bed room and living room. It is possible to accomplish a bohemian washroom as long as you are aware of how to purchase the right décor pieces. Accomplishing this look includes figuring out how to consolidate diverse stylistic theme elements. The various items will assist you in creating a remarkable and useful look. Structuring a restroom may be somewhat dubious in light of the fact that you have to make the washroom utilitarian and intriguing, simultaneously. 

Here are a few different ways to add a bohemian touch to your bathroom.

Bohemian style regularly uses worn out pieces from various periods and territories of the world, they could be vintage or antique accessories that recount to a story and gives a diverse look. For this, you can incorporate an antique bathtub that has a wonderful look. Adding green plants to the entire setting heightens the décor.

You can design your bathroom with bold textures, playful colours, and rustic textures. “One can even use playful, bold colours and textures. Rich coloured rugs with intricate details covering the equally exciting floor designs. Candles give a very romantic mood to the bathroom with wicker and wood décor that would make the room cosy and put across some green plants lift the warmth,” says Sameer AM, Founder & CEO, Bonito Designs.

In addition to tribal prints, a bohemian bathroom can be embellished with a minimalistic style as well. Amalgamated with clean lines, modern style and a dash of bohemia can give an eclectic look to the entire space. It is important to focus on natural lighting along with white walls, which are ideal for highlighting the notion of the less is more aesthetic. 

The combination of various patterns, rich tones and green pots in different heights, can give interest and personality to a space. “You can layer a whole lot of elements to create a stimulating and funky space. It offers you enough opportunities to mix and match diverse styles, décor elements, colours, patterns and textures. Unusual geometric flooring, bold wallpaper, a huge chandelier, bright colours, vibrant prints in furnishings – you can mix them all into a heady concoction,” says Sachin Gupta, Founder and Principal Designer, Beyond Designs

“Accessories that you’re fond of and reveal something about your personality, work well. Worn-out furniture, colourful tiles, wooden sculptures, large candle holders, hanging plants, vintage carpets and chandeliers, choose whatever appeals to you. Using an all natural palette that creates a warm and welcoming feel is also a good idea. A collage of framed photographs, mirrors of various shapes and sizes, a painted vanity,  chairs upholstered in floral prints, and more, are some of the options that can be utilised while creating a bohemian themed bathroom,” he adds. 

The bohemian art of design is all about layering things up. Beautiful and exotic touches on layers like interesting patterns on the wall and woven rugs, lovely textures on wicker tables and bathroom furniture, artwork, plants, and flowers give a beautiful and exotic touch to the bathroom. “In an existing bathroom, it is the accessories that add the boho vibe, be it the quirky sculptures, tribal motifs and masks, cane baskets add  the fun element,” says Hardesh Chawla, Founder and Principal Designer, Essentia Environments

Further, investing in shower curtains with interesting and tribal patterns can add a bohemian vibe to the entire background. Curtains can be a cheaper alternative while transforming your bathroom into a boho space. Also, the best part about it is that you can change the design of the curtain anytime you like. “Use heavy brocade curtains and oriental rugs, add mirrors with a gold, brass, oriental frame which will help in bringing in the boho style into the bathroom,” says Sameer AM.

When transformed with proper planning, a mundane looking bathroom can look gorgeous, stylish and dreamy at the same time with a touch of the bohemian vibe. It can be a place at your house where you can unwind and get refreshed after a chaotic day. After all, such a type of theme is all about mixing and matching different styles, patterns, furniture that usually do not go well with each other, but turn out to be eye pleasing in the end. And isn’t that what you want too? So, give it a try and you never know, it might just be what you needed to keep the positive vibe going in your home and in your personality. 

Chitman Kanwar Ahuja

Chitman Kanwar Ahuja is a feature writer at L'Officiel India. She is a silver jewellery hoarder and an aesthete of all arts. You can find her unraveling new stories day in and day out.