Good Life



It was a pot of hot tar that sent his imagination soaring!

Simran KS Lamba’s inventiveness does not just stem from the fact that he is a self-taught artist. Rather his background in film-making, theatre and his inclination towards sustainability have all contributed to the genesis of his art collection, ‘Nouveau’. 

You are a self-taught artist. How do you think your work is different from your contemporaries who have a formal education in the field?

I would like to think that my work is constructed in a suspension of conformity, in terms of content, style, treatments and media explored. I try to express my thoughts and opinion using coal tar as a medium, which is notoriously difficult to manipulate. It involves multiple complex treatments, like temperature control, for instance.

To demonstrate the same, let me cite an example of my works-the series on divergent windows is a specimen of a unique manner of projection for exploring content, wherein I have used broad wooden frames to represent the iconic four corners of a camera’s viewfinder, and then usurped what I would conventionally see out of a windowpane with abstract and almost imaginative fluid branches (depicted through solid metal sheets) entering the frame and acting as its mainstay. 

Is sustainability something you feel strongly about?

Yes, I do feel strongly about sustainability. It’s a question of collective consciousness, and we are very far away from a universal collective mode of action, owing to individual economic constraints, but I’d like to believe that we are heading towards a social consciousness that doesn’t just feed to survive but rather survives to feed albeit at a very slow pace. 




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