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Yo-yo diets are out. Steady cleansing is in. Our experts tell us how to detox your liver,  hair and skin, the right way.

Yo-yo diets are out. Steady cleansing is in. Our experts tell us how to detox your liver,  hair and skin, the right way.

There is a constant brouhaha over detoxing. Millenials do not just want to live life to the fullest but responsibly too. They are cool giving up drinking or fast food. Sashaying with green shakes in hand entering a gym, the younger lot is in sharp contrast with the earlier generation that
indulged in indoor smoking and no holds barred approach when it came to red meat. Thanks to more awareness and better acceptance, the future looks de-cluttered and healthy. We spoke to detox specialists, who have curated the best ideas to get the best of cleansing plans.

Keep your liver stress free
Our liver and kidneys are at work, ridding our body off harmful toxins every minute. The liver works in two steps: breaking down or neutralizing the elements, followed by washing out toxins using detergent, bile.

“For a liver detox, on the chosen day, post-lunch starve till evening. At 6 pm, drink 200 ml of water dissolved with 20 gm of magnesium salt. Repeat the same at 8 pm. At 10 pm, have a glass of olive oil (175ml) and orange juice (175ml). Immediately after consuming it, lie down on
your right side for 30 minutes, as your liver is situated on the right. It will flush stones out of the body. The next day at 8 am, consume oil-juice mixture (175 ml of each) and at 6 am and 10 am, repeat the salt-water combination. After an hour, at 11 am, break the cleanse by having some fresh fruits. This cleansing process will dilate your bile ducts and the pressure on your liver will flush toxins out of your body. Do not forget that the mix of oil and juice must be in proportion of one’s body weight.”

Always a good hair day
Don’t we love lustrous and healthy hair? But, it is not easy to have a crowing glory these days, thanks to chemicals and pollution. Experts say that it’s best to avoid hair chemicals, sprays and protect your mane from pollution with the help of anti-pollution serums and sprays, covering
the hair with bandana when stepping out and including organic food in your diet.

“You must avoid hair products that are laden with parabens, SLS and ingredients such as eugenol, coal tar, ammonia, formaldehyde etc. These are the culprits that can strip your hair off lustre and longevity, making them prone to breakage,” Dr Batul says.

Our kitchen has more ingredients that you can imagine that can help you detox your hair. Mash them up for DIY tricks. Mash a banana and mix it with yogurt and honey. Leave the paste on hair for 30 minutes to make the hair shiny and soft hair. Have five almonds soaked and
peeled every morning for nutrition.

Best face forward
Our skin accumulates toxins from unhealthy lifestyle and pollution. The face is more prone to housing toxins in front of ears, jawline under the chin, around cheeks, temples, and forehead. To remove these toxins face detoxifying must be resorted to.

Rajni Ohri, Founder, Ohria Ayurveda says, “A natural detoxifying mechanism focusing on the lymphatic system is needed. Lymph nodes that filter toxins must be drained out. It can be done through face massage with face oils with fingers or using an Ayurvedic tool, kansa vataki. It is
made up of copper, zinc and tin with a rosewood handle. It assists lymphatic drainage and unblocks blocked energies and can be used to stimulate the marma point to aid a free flow of prana, the life force.