Past Perfect

Past Perfect

If there is one thing the last year proved to us, then it has got to be the fact that some trends never really go out of style. Case in point—the comeback of old interior designing trends into our homes. Even though statement ceilings, eco-friendly interiors and tribal designs were a big hit last year, we saw the revitalisation of many old trends. Right from the vivid 70s designs, to even more old school trends such as the use of floral patterns, terrazzo, boho interiors, fibre art, macrame planters and many more, made their way back in the design space. Here, we attempt to summarise the major trends that paved their way to our homes in 2019.

Rounding off 2019

The last year welcomed many new and quirky styles into our lovely abodes. One of the biggest trends was the use of brass. Right from furniture, pretty lights to bathroom accessories, brass fixtures were the highlight of 2019. Rich velvets for upholstery, curtains in gorgeous pastel hues, or the bold use of concrete in hangings lights, home accessories and flooring both were a huge hit. We also saw eco-friendly elements making way to interior decor. Big planters and walls with vertical gardens topped the designing charts in 2019. Despite of all these latest additions, it would be safe to say that the last year was the year of revival of many old and ancient interior designing trends.

There was something comforting and soothing about the reappearance of the lovely old trends on the block. Just like us, Bindu Vadera, Head of Interiors at Tahiliani Homes also admired this revitalisation of the old goodness. She says, “I love the fact that we have so many different periods of design that we can choose from; be it Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Rococo or contemporary. I love the Classical French style where walls and ceilings are detailed with mouldings, and panel mouldings. Another style I am particular about is the mid-century theme where the lines are clean and understated, there is minimal ornamentation and there is plenty of use for non-traditional materials like metal and glass. Marcel Breuer’s Wassily chair, Pierre Jeanneret’s Chandigarh chair, the iconic Corbusier chaise lounge, and Eames lounge chair are some of my favourite pieces.”

The 70s show 

The classic saying ‘Old is Gold’ holds true for the trends that flooded the market in the last year. Interior designs from the 1970s were a huge sell-out in 2019. From jazzy decor pieces to rattan furniture, 70s inspired interiors could be seen everywhere. “70s designing style was a mix of both boho and chic décor. It encompasses the use of neutral colours and natural material on one hand, and big bold disco-inspired pieces on the other. One can incorporate these designs with sporadic use of terrazzo flooring, shaggy carpets, rattan furniture, as well as bright and bold floor cushions.” explains Bindu. 

The comeback

The playful terrazzo flooring, mid-century furniture with a twist, chintz wallpaper, chintz fabrics and boho interiors were not the only major revivals in the arena. Curved sofas made a huge comeback in the past year as well. This chic piece of furniture from the 60s fits beautifully with the 2019 aesthetic. The curved furniture adds texture and subtle play of shapes to the room, affording a sensual character to the place.
Huge royal canopy beds, light wood floors, vintage lighting and the use of cane for headboards and cupboard shutters can add a touch of old school style to the bedrooms. For further embelishments, subway tiles, brass fixtures, medieval-styled bucket sinks and bathtubs can be used, according to taste. 

Ageless styles

The revival of these trends make us wonder about the evergreen, classic styles that never get old in the interior designing catalogues. “If you think about the evergreen trends of interior designing, then some of them have to be the use of wallpaper, geometric designs, classical sofas like the Chesterfield sofa etc. For highlights, Persian and Kashmiri carpets, and the use of chandeliers really add to the character of the place. These trends give your home a classy look that never really goes out of style,” says Bindu on the charm of these evergreen styles.  

New year watchlist

The last year saw the near-perfection of old interior designing styles with a bit of newness, but what kind of shift can be expected in the market in 2020? Will the trend of revival continue or will we see some new styles dominating the market? We ask. “I think there will be a shift from brass to bronze. Mixing the classic style of Greece with natural materials like bamboo, straw and rattan for both indoor and outdoor use; as well as geometric wall treatments and the use of lovely textured paint will dominate 2020,” says Bindu, feeling optimistic.


Chitman Kanwar Ahuja

Chitman Kanwar Ahuja is a feature writer at L'Officiel India. She is a silver jewellery hoarder and an aesthete of all arts. You can find her unraveling new stories day in and day out.