Good Life



Spread across more than 35,000 sq. feet, Priti Paul’s home comes right out of a Wes Anderson film that needs no colour correction. Paul, director of Apeejay Surrendra Group and wife of Moroccan hotelier Jaouad Kadiri, talks about her home that is inspired by the aesthetic of the city and stands like a Moroccan kahuna in its full glory.

While the high-rising domes and arches might remind you of the Arabian Nights, Priti Paul reiterates that her Moroccan mansion is ultimately a home because of her family and three kids Kais, Jad and Jai, who make the house look like they are all living in one unruly moment! Her favourite corner of the house remains her office, which is vibrantly rich and moody in Buddhist colours of deep bordeaux red and ochre yellow with a grand old gold desk and a huge, lazy daybed, where being herself comes with unmatched ease. She uses the ‘home office’ to work on the computer connecting to her offices in India and London while her sons are in school. She keeps her boys busy like regular moms, directing their energy into reading, soccer, swimming and riding.





Driving her vintage Mercedes on the roads of Delhi and eating rajma-chawal and roti at home are things that she still enjoys doing in spite of her love for artisanal studios, souk, mint tea, the people who are so stylish, and the Atlas Mountains that she can see from her home. “There are some antiques which the Kadiri family has cherished. Vintage textiles, old Tanjore paintings, brass figurines that date back almost 50 years, it’s the vibrancy that compels me. I like Indian kitsch, which is folksy in its influence,” she confesses about her love for Indian art. “From vintage Indian to contemporary masters like Thota Vaikuntam, Paresh Maity and Sakti Burman I love art of various genres as long as it talks to me.” 


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