Voilà, this is what we call having several lives. Little rat of the Opera she began dance classes at the school of the Opera of Paris, at 16, Margaux Chatelier got her shot at becoming a star when she caught the eye of film director, Nils Tavernier, who then subsequently cast her in his film ‘Aurore;. A ten year old carrier in cinema and she has done about just as many films, of those is the success of the ‘Belle et Sébastien’ trilogy. A young woman of 28 will soon be on posters across the world of the film ‘Un avion sans elle’, an adaptation of the bestseller by Michel Bussi.

Who gave you your taste in fashion?

My grandmother, she was a very free and capricious woman, who adored Hollywood cinema of the 1930s. As a child, whenever I would visit her at her vineyard, every appeared marvellous and magical to me. It was at hers that I smoked my first cigar at 11, tasted certain strong alcohols… And then I would disguise myself in her incredible dressing gown. She lived like a film star in her palace, for music she had old records of jazz, Frank Sinatra….

Your style in three words?

Romantic, French and feminine.

Give us the name of one icon who has influenced your style.

Brigitte Bardot. Like my grandmother, she represents, for me, a liberated woman. A sensual body, alive – her beginnings as a dancer just like mine -, a confident and evident femininity, her style, her freshness, her beauty… All of those qualities, in my eyes, are the definition of that era.

What place does dance hold in your life?

I stopped dancing in a rather brutal way, after 7 years at the school of the Opera of Paris. The transition was incredibly difficult, I was not really able to dance again: it was all or nothing – my personality is very everything and absolute... Nevertheless this art is a part of who I am. The posture of a dancer, understanding one’s body, the masculinity, the strict nutrition requirements were my daily experiences as an actress.

Name one trend that you approve of?

I love the elegance of a pair of high waisted trousers. It enhances the form of a woman, and it has a certain androgynous allure while being feminine as well.

And one that you do not approve of?

I detest fashionable sportswear, socks in flipflops… The definition itself of the world trend is something fleeting that will not mark the history of clothing in any way.

On the side of design and décor do you lean more towards extremely modern or vintage?

Vintage, like the fashion of elsewhere. I visit La Mode Vintage, in Paris a lot. For decor I swear by Emery & Cie for tiles, decorative ironwork and lighting; Caravane for their sofas and linen; Ananbô for their panoramic wallpapers, and the eco-friendly furniture of the Basque label, Alki. At the Vallabrègues, in the Gard, Vime offers wicker pieces, along with second hand furniture. It has not been long since they set up shop in Paris.


Chitman Kanwar Ahuja

Chitman Kanwar Ahuja is a feature writer at L'Officiel India. She is a silver jewellery hoarder and an aesthete of all arts. You can find her unraveling new stories day in and day out.