Myriad Hues

Myriad Hues

Living spaces in happy shades are sure to brighten up anyone’s day. Also, therapeutic benefits of colours are no more an  alien concept. Extending the thought to your living space can be a brilliant idea to work around with in the design space. Whether for your walls, floors, furniture or ceilings, colours are bound to add character. It is also less tiring to change the décor whenever you want to by adding vibrant shades. You can go all out to experiment as per your taste. Warm tones add cheerful vibe to the space, while muted pastel shades instil a sense of calmness. Either way it is sure to spruce up your living space.

Colourful seating

Imagine a couch in bold colour against a white wall. It is easy to grab eyes of your guests with such a stunning centrepiece. Eleonore Cavalli, Art Director, Visionnaire echoes the same thought and says, “If there’s one trend this year that’s totally eye-catching, it’s the colourful seating trend. These days, sofas, accent chairs and barstools all come in an array of bold shades that we haven’t seen in a while. In particular, jewel tones are the hues that are turning heads. If you’re going to embrace the colourful seating trend, there is one thing that you need to keep in mind. Whichever item of furniture you choose to be colourful, it needs to be the statement piece of the room. Be sure to balance out the bold hues by using lots of neutral tones in the other areas of your design. Neutral shades will give the eye a place to rest and save the design, as a whole, from feeling overwhelming.”

Fab furnishing

Well, if colourful furnitures do not define your moodboard, fret not for you can still throw in pretty shades. Add pop of colours in your furnishings to balance the neutral shade card. For instance, pillow cases, rugs, throws or curtains in bright colours, patterns and prints can bring your dream living space to life. Be imaginative and don’t shy from experimenting with bold shades. Always remember, balance is the key to avoid colour clashes. 

Statement pieces

Textures are often the protagonists in the design space. Accents such as wallpaper, ceramic surfaces and metal inserts can go a long way to brighten up your living room. Shares Eleonore, “We are deeply in love with the innate textures of marble, wood and all natural materials. Nature-inspired drawings and motifs can add personality to your home. They can be used in art pieces, paintings or smaller decorative elements. Also, solid wood an increasingly popular material in furniture design, can also be used in decorative elements such as lighting and cladding.” Visionnaire works on the use of precious wallpaper where the material consistency, three-dimensionality and brilliance define the casing’s personality, not necessarily the colour of the walls. She further adds that artwork is trending on a large-scale. Curent wall art styles are big, bold, and in-your-face. These days, it’s not uncommon to see art works that take up the better portion of an entire wall as the focal point of the room. Wallpapers with starry skies and flocks of flying birds and innovative three-dimensional coatings are trending as far as luxurious living room aesthetics.


Interior designer and founder of Space Origami, Kanika Kumar is of the opinion that a biophilic space can reduce stress, improve cognitive function, creativity, overall well-being and expedite healing. She says, “Biophilia, patterns inspired by nature, are undoubtably the biggest trend of 2019. It connects humans with nature by taking it a step further with natural, raw and sustainable materials, which brings a healthier lifestyle in the spotlight. We can emphasise  on this trend by using potted plants, and the popular floral and plant patterns.”

In similar thoughts, Eleonore explains that it is extremely important to decide the kind of atmosphere you want to create for your living room, more intimate, enveloping, airy or permeable between outdoor and indoor. She adds that we often talk about green architecture, but very little about green interior design has been spoken. Instead, we should think about adding a utility green dimension for the benefit of the house mates. Bringing outdoor elements to indoor can create an osmotic relationship between the house owner and the elements of nature. 
In this way, you will naturally add colour to your spaces.

Shivpriya Bajpai

Shivpriya Bajpai is the Assistant Editor at L’Officiel India. She loves to hoard sneakers and can intrigue you with her perpetually curious mind.