The new star on the horizon in the world of wedding gifts and cards is Ruchita Bansal. Having honed her skills by looking around the country and the world for materials and ideas, Ruchita has emerged as the go-to person for deciding the look and feel of the gifts and cards for any occasion-be it a wedding, Diwali, an anniversary or a corporate gifting occasion.


She maintains exclusivity for the clientele, and works for individuals, as she believes that each one has his or her own likings and preferences. What’s more is that she offers complete solutions and not just cards and containers. So accompaniment ideas would be complete with sourcing the sweets, chocolates, dry fruits and exotic imported fruits, and to package them to form a synergistic package for her clients. Styling is a major part of any fashion label worth its silky thread, and Core Design takes styling to a different level-chic and sleek. The medium used are very out of the world and not-just-another paper variety or cloth pattern, but you could find in-laid glass work to actual carvings on metal to give the royal and luxurious look and finish.


With a sense for sustainability, the material used for putting the accompaniments are mostly re-usable as decorative items or as classy storage containers. Ruchita’s company Core Design has worked for some of the who’s who in the country but she refrains from naming any of Core Design’s clients, to respect a client’s privacy. But if you have received a gift or a card lately that has caught your eye and has registered as one curated for individuals, chances are the Core Design team under Ruchita has worked on it.


Ruchita joins the league of luxurious and top-of-the-line designers, and stakes a claim to be amongst the finest in the league with curated ideas for individual statements. “Premium can be simply beautiful and with the designs and compositions, one can also convey messages,” says Ruchita and that is the difference that Core Design has set out to make.


Cards are passé. Especially when you are setting up a celebration idea for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Destination weddings and sending out messages of invitations take creative turns like the one above, where a destination wedding at Udaipur had a handcrafted and non-customary Udaipur look book. Matching item containers for a “Ginni” and matching accessories packs, form the grand design for a memorable invitation.



The options are many, and then there are stylish options. Ceramic containers with a marble finish, which can be used to present some exotic chocolates or dry fruits during the festive season, or as gifts for wedding functions. Moulded in the creative studios of Core Design, the workmanship is marvellous and the league is luxurious.




Creativity and artisan calibre seems to be working in unison for delivering these works of art. Laser-cut ceramic containers allow a dignified peep into what each one can contain and make style quotients soar.



Personalising each item makes its own stylish statement like the one here, where a destination wedding had a handcrafted wooden tray, with wooden box for sweets and a regally tasselled invitation card.



Food grade, highest quality ceramic containers and platters for cakes with the choicest and luxurious prints, make for talking points in social get-togethers. Unusual and with customisation possibilities, these sensational works are the latest from the Core Design’s deliveries. The team led by Ruchita Bansal has been regularly converting passionate ideas for the cognoscenti, and making gifting ideas an art.



A trousseau needs a lot of planning and bring in a huge amount of emotions. It is to package these in the swankiest way that trendy packaging ideas developed at Core Design get you to be noticed. Fine in-lay work on genuine colourful material, add that dash to the swingy-swishy feelings of romantic journeys for the bride to her new home.



Customising is also an art. And for needs that are different with different families, it is done specially. Shown here is a group of highquality paper Mache boxes in different sizes with superior in-lay designs in fast colours that can stay for gifting purposes, as well as a regular use.





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