Grey Matter

Grey Matter

There is a standard rule of decorating that says that each room can utilise a pinch of the dark. You may think this is quite strange in case you have a room of pastels or bright tones. However, think for a moment. A little black dress has been decorating women’s wardrobes since forever. Moreover, when considering home décor, the colour black does not seem to go out of the window either. Incorporating the colour black adds a point of convergence that brings a sophisticated and luxurious look to the room. The dark colour in embellishments, light fixtures, paint, or in one striking household item will automatically get the attention and sharpen any interior designing scheme. It will fill in as a layout that sets off explicit areas or objects. 

This colour of the moonless sky is perhaps the best neutral with regards to design. It turns out to be equally effective when brought into the inside spaces. It’s a myth that living rooms ought to be subtle and have soothing hues. But, they can be dramatic as well. You can play with the type of furniture, choose a nice painting and heavy curtains. Even better, paint the main wall black and work magic with a burst of rich jewel tones. To make the room feel comfortable, use warm tan or brown colours. However, if you just want a pop of black in your living room, consider adding small black tables, black picture frames, black rug, and much more. 

It is important to keep the texture in mind. Even if you are planning to go all out with a single shade of black, different variations can come in through textures. So, while deciding upholstery, choose soft, plush fabrics that look inviting and are comfortable at the same time. It will blend well with the dark and make the colours of the room seem balanced. And, if you want to make it look more dramatic, opt for dark coloured accessories or a black couch. Akshay Jaipuria, a partner with Vaya Home throws light on the amalgamation of the colour black and soft textures. He says, “Use a shade of black with coloured or patterned materials. Fabrics with large motifs or metallic accents are a good way to break up any monotony that might come about and will give more character to space. Cushions can also turn out to be extremely useful here since they can easily be moved around.”

Add drama by mixing black with different neutral shades. One of the best ways to add a sophisticated and modern look to a space is to paint the walls with a combination of black and dark grey. Abraham Santosh, Head Designer, Elegancia says, “One of the lightest colours namely, Coin is a shade of grey, which originates from the source black. This light shade would go well with dark coloured furniture or brightly patterned fabrics. Similarly, Jet Black can do wonders as a paint finish on a single wall. It can further be paired with simple furnishings which are light and soft.” Not just this, to increase the intensity, add just a hint of blue with black. This creates a midnight blue tone that works very well and gives a contemporary look to the entire room. 

If you are a medieval period soul and would like to give an edgy spin to your modern design living room, do it by using the dark coloured floor. Combining black coloured flooring with cherry wood furnishings will give a sleek sophistication to your interiors, keeping it completely fresh and modern at the same time. “Black granites, polished dark wood, greyish-white woody laminates and light grey stone claddings are some of the options to finish the base of your room. These options would not only escalate the look but also, are a safe way to opt for an evergreen finish,” says Abraham. 

To create a wow factor, consider a black backdrop for a colourful piece of art or furniture. It is a great way to call attention to a special work of art, allowing the texture and surface to reveal itself. You can also do the opposite and team up black coloured knick-knacks, collectables or pictures on a wall of a lighter colour. In addition, to create an elegantly informal gathering space, it is important to have a calming atmosphere. This can be done through proper lighting. “Use any natural light to its greatest advantage with sheers on the windows. Upholstery with subtle patterning looks great, especially when it can be highlighted with artificial light,” explains Akshay. 

The key to a black living room is balance, as the colour black is itself undoubtedly striking. So, be sure to look at the space as a whole, and adjust the individual elements so that they flow together to create a comfortable living area. 

Chitman Kanwar Ahuja

Chitman Kanwar Ahuja is a feature writer at L'Officiel India. She is a silver jewellery hoarder and an aesthete of all arts. You can find her unraveling new stories day in and day out.