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Taking its name from Seville, a small village in Spain, Sevilla at The Claridges in New Delhi, is the delightful place to go, when yearning to indulge in a scrumptious gourmet spread at a fanciful and serene destination.


There’s something alluringly inviting about Sevilla! Off the main foyer area at The Claridges, the picturesque eatery instantly transcends one into a new milieu. Inspired by the cerulean skies and landscapes of Mediterranean expanses, the seating is multi-levelled and boasts a mix of indoors and outdoors, defined by covered gazebos

and a signature machan. You could tread over tiny wooden bridges flowing over water streams, dotted with flaming torches and colourful lamps. All this, along with

Spanish tunes played at an enjoyable decibel, make it reminiscent of a white Spanish village. 

Coming to the next significant aspect of Sevilla, the food too matches, up to the standards set by the decor. The spread atSevilla includes a delectable assortment from the Southern coastal regions of Europe, and the Mediterranean, through a

selection of tapas, paella, wood-fired pizzas and brulees.

With the menu, arrived a shot of ‘Water of Tomat (tomato)’ to cleanse the stomach for the deluge of food ahead. Soon came a tantalising tapas assortment. Crispy

Calamari, melt-in-the-mouth Mushroom Croquettas, softest ever, Patata Bravas (mini potato towers) and watermelon shavings smothered with goat cheese, which set the

appetite soaring further. A laid back mood and the nip in the air, was reason enough to ask for some soup. A clear Mediterranean Seafood Soup made my cravings gallop

even faster. Between what was downed, and the main course that was ordered, and was in the making, appeared Cordero Lamb Chops and an aromatic Quinoa and

Pomegranate Salad, sprinkled with cilantro and onion rinds, and that introduced a sudden burst of flavour. A little and muchneeded rest later, came the guest of honour,

Chilean Sea Bass on a slate plate with exotic grilled vegetables as accompaniments. The freshness of fish, made me wonder, if it had been caught an hour back or not. And the succulent fish, seasoned impeccably with hints of spices, took the eating experience a few notches higher. Wrapping up the savoury evening, a luscious Chocolate

Mousse, finally culminated the culinary journey. All in all, Sevilla emerged much more than just a place to eat, and I came away suffused with warmth, extended by

the affable staff and Chef Sahil, who helms the restaurant.


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