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For a Pro
Smartphone cameras are getting better every year. Today, it even stands at par with most of the entry level DSLR cameras. If Instagram is your app of choice, you don’t really need a bulky DSLR system. There are a number of attachments that can actually help if you are considering to take your phone photography skills to the next level.

Shaky videos can be downright irritating. Additionally, the lighter your setup, the more prone it is to make shaky and jittery videos. Osmo Mobile from DJI is the perfect answer to these problems. Although there are a number of gimbals or stabilisers for phones which are way cheaper, none of them offer the same quality and ease of operations. Plus, you can use their app to customise the movements for the gimbal and get some really smooth and creative shots. 

The lens making company Moments helps users to attach different lenses to your iPhone or Pixel phone and shoot amazing shots. Simply place the phone in the case and attach the lens. Because the cases are made keeping the exact dimensions of the phone in consideration, the lenses line up with the sensor each time, perfectly. For lenses, users can choose from an 18mm wide lens, and a 58mm tele lens. Furthermore, all their lenses come equipped with an antireflection coating, which dramatically corrects all ghosts and glares. Each lens comes in a microfibre bag and with a lens cap. 

Audio is one aspect that is often overlooked, even by ardent filmmakers. Most amateur filmmakers invest heavily on cameras, lenses, even filters before considering a good microphone. Rode’s VideoMic Me is one good solution, for which you will not have to break the bank. It allows you to record professional grade audio. The only drawback is that this microphone uses a regular 3.5mm, so if you are using the latest devices, you will have to connect using a dongle.

For enthusiasts
We completely understand the value of getting that perfect selfie after spending so much time getting ready for an evening gala. We also understand the frustration when your selfies don’t match your expectations and you need to sort through a gazillion photos to find that ever elusive, one perfect shot. There are a number of products for you as well that will help you get the ultimate self portrait.

Lapel Mics 
If you are into vlogging and are often disappointed by the quality of your sound, we suggest that you invest in a good lapel microphone. Our pick would be the SmartLav+ from Rode. This omnidirectional lapel microphone comes with a kevlar enforced cable so you are sorted no matter what you plan to shoot or how rough you want to shoot. The mic plugs into a 3.5 mm jack and therefore can be connected to most phone or an audio recorder as well. The sound quality is phenomenal and is adequate for most professional vloggers and content producers.These lapel mics are so good that many YouTube vloggers in India use them and often recommend them.

Remote Shutters 
Unless you have a Samsung Note 9, you might have come across a situation where you had to set your phone up for a group photograph, set a timer, run into the frame to take your position. Too much effort? We thought so. Using a remote shutter like the Gadgin Bluetooth Shutter makes your life a lot easier. Simply pair your phone and set it up within the device’s range. Take your position with the group and hit the button on the device, and you are done. You can also use the remote trigger to start recording a video.

Mobile Flashes 
We have all been there—trying to take selfies in a dark room, with our BFF. We hit the shutter icon and the image that we get is lousy. What one needs under such circumstances is a good adequate light source. There are various LED flashes that you can buy, but why carry something around when you can simply get your hands on the LuMee Selfie or the LuMee Duo. These nifty cases have a LED strip that lights up and provides balanced and neutral light and comes with a variable dipper, allowing you to adjust the intensity of 
the light.

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