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Heiress and granddaughter of Dhirubhai Ambani, Isheta Salgaocar’s individuality is veered by her wizardry with words, cultural semantics that have marked the genesis of an art centre Sunaparanta. She is writing the nemesis of a typecast as she juggles

several roles at once.


How do you think a degree in English literature and political science from Stanford has formed your world view of Indian culture?

My academic background is that of a trulyliberal arts education. English literature has always been my first love, and books were my first friends. Political Science is a passion for me, as I’m keen on keeping up with global events, whilst keeping in mind the history behind them. My relationship with Indian culture–which I see as amorphous–has probably been since birth. Sometimes, one has to go away to be able to see oneself and in my time away from India, I think my understanding of contemporary India was strengthened. I’m as much a news-junkie as ever though.

What kind of role did you play in the screening of the nightly show Charlie Rose?

I worked directly with Charlie, the executive editor and host of Charlie Rose. This included everything from writing speeches, to prepping for interviews with world leaders like Hillary Clinton and Hassan Rouhani. It’s an endless and energising process of creating a show that is informative, intelligent and in aid of keeping the audience abreast on stories, across the world.

What was it like working with internationally acclaimed artists such as Dayanita Singh, William Dalrymple and Julian Opie?

Being in the company of such geniuses is an indescribable joy, which challenges your own boundaries and exposes the world as never before.

Sunaparanta is a strong advocate for the arts in Goa. When did this initiative start in Goa?

Sunaparanta is a not-for-profit institution that was founded by my parents Dipti and Dattaraj Salgaocar as a place for art and its lovers. It continues to be a nucleus of creativity that brings together old masters and young artists, a place for conversation around art. When I was growing up in Goa, there were few places in Goa, where one could interact with artistic talent on the national and international level. Several artists come to Goa and have second homes here; Sunaparanta serves as the perfect place for these minds to interact with the local community.


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