For everyone who thinks second parts do not make a match, Rodeo is busting some myth worth its salt.

How would you describe an amalgamation of colours, patterns, and a pleasing platter of food? We call it, Rodeo Cantina and Kitchen. Located in Connaught Place, this revamped quaint restaurant is a bag full of surprises. Established in 1994, the restaurant brought to us authentic Mexican food that made our taste buds crave for more. However, after a good number of years, the restaurant embraced the idea of a need of change and finally, in recent, it opened the doors to tis customers who were yearning for something good.

To begin with, as we climbed up the staircase of revamped Rodeo, we were welcomed by a breeze of freshness. The interiors have been inspired by the lively streets of Mexico and they instantly take you back to Mexico’s rich cultural heritage. You also have plenty of seating options to choose from; there are board game tables, sink-in sofas, and community tables. While there, by the noon, you can enjoy a soothing lunch with your family and by the night, you can get ready to tap your feet on the groovy music with your friends.

The menu that revamped Rodeo has to offer is reminiscent of the old Rodeo. However, there are some minor changes that have been made to it. Oh, how we wished, we could have tasted their entire menu but it is important to note, their Fajitas ooze deliciousness, Enchiladas are packed with on-point flavours, and their Churros will leave you wanting for more. However, the only regret we had as we left, if their portion could have an adequate quantity and their Lamb had the right amount of flavours. 

Do we give a heads up for the all-new Rodeo? Yes, we do. The interiors, the food; all takes you to lively streets of Mexico and might serve you with a throwback memory if you have already witnessed the liveliness. 



BY Nidhi
Managing Editor

Nidhi Raj Singh is the Managing Editor of L'Officiel India. You can find her hidden behind a book when she is not writing or taking photos.