Beyond Obvious

Beyond Obvious

Use volume rockers as a shutter button


If you are a serious photography buff like most of us here at L’Officiel office ( constantly striving to have the best Instagram feed), chances are that you may have come across a situation where you had to take a photo at a rather odd angle. You may have had to reach around precariously for the shutter icon, and at times, may have hit some other icon. Here is the trick. Just use your volume rockers as a surrogate shutter button. This is really useful, especially if you are clicking selfies with your main camera. 


Make a virtual, DIY heads up display for your car


If you enjoy driving and are looking to add that extra wow factor to your car as well as your driving experience, getting a Heads Up Display (HUD) kit will do the trick. Or you can simply download an app called Hudway. Place it on your dashboard in the right position, and you will get your navigation instructions, speed and all other important information on your windshield. Make sure that you have a well charged phone because when you use this app, it uses your location, and forces the  screen to go up to its peak brightness, consuming a lot of energy.


Keep every version of all your documents


Do we love Google or do we love it? Even though the tech giant stealthily keeps all our data in their servers, leading to a love-hate relation we have with it, there is silver lining within this cloud. If ever you have made a document on Google Drive, making several changes to it over a period of time, you have the option of going back to a certain version and retrieve it. In case you have collaborated with some people over a document, the history will also show the changes that the collaborator(s) has made and when they made it. It’s works like a history tool. 


Add signatures to a document digitally, without printing a single sheet of paper


There have been countless scenarios where you have had to send a soft copy of a document with your signature on it. Normally we have to take a print, sign the document, scan it and then email it. There is a far better and easier way to do this, especially if you are using Apple iMac. Open the document using the ‘Preview’ application, select the pen tool (at the top left hand corner of the screen) and click ‘Create Signature’. This would open up the web-cam on your Apple computer. Sign your name on a piece of paper and hold it in front of the camera. Align the paper correctly, using the guidelines on the screen, and click ‘Accept’ once a digital copy of your signature appears on the screen. The computer will save the digital version of your signature. Click on Preview, reposition and resize accordingly. To add your signature on some other document, simply click the ‘Signature’ option, and select your signature from the preview. For a Windows system, simply take a picture of your signature using the webcam and save it as a JPEG or PNG file. Add them to your Word Document as and when needed.


Measure length and area using your camera 


Thanks to the ever increasing capabilities of modern smartphones, we have arrived at a point where augmented reality is finally a thing. One implementation of augmented reality is to measure all kind of things. Forgot to carry your measuring tape or ruler on an assignment? Fret not! Although the default measuring app on most phones are just adequate and should work fine, we recommend downloading a good third party app. 

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