How would you define a passion that comes like a one-way track to success? An amalgamation of perfect timing and hard work maybe, but remember the time when you just wanted to be yourself and nothing more, nothing less? That’s a hard one to chase and Prerna Arora, producer and founder of Kriarj Entertainment, along with her business partner Arjun N Kapoor, has nailed it in her own way. With an astute business acumen and clear perspective, she has played her cards right with Rustom. As honest and fearless as she has been in her attempts, Prerna always moved with a clear vision in mind, even when it was time to embrace larger than life experiences in Kriarj Entertainment. The company’s focus is never to pass clichéd box office numbers. Rather, it targets and trusts a smarter audience to promote cerebral content, and there is no better example than Rustom, and is all set to once gain manifest in her upcoming venture, Naam Shabana. It was the faith in this joint collaboration between Akshay Kumar’s production company, Hari Om Entertainment and Kriarj Entertainment which led to a startling opening of Rustom, despite the fact that the plot was known to many as the movie was based on a true story. After the agreement of Rustom’s director, Tinu Suresh Desai, Akshay Kumar became an organic choice for the role in several natural terms. And as a producer, she couldn’t agree more, on Akshay Kumar playing the part to the brim of justice. Apart from great learning and disciplined portions of working with him, for her, it also established a productive relationship between an actor and a producer.



Post Rustom, expectations have increased. After this remarkable entry, people are looking up to her production company for quality that most of the other mass-produced films lack. With four projects lined up, Prerna is all set to share two of them with Akshay Kumar again in Toilet-Ek Prem Katha and Naam Shabana; and one with world-class actor Irfan Khan, directed by Tanuja Chandra. Like a blessing, one can say her success was a result of sheer passion and perfect timing. She relates the name of her company Kriarj Entertainment to Krishna-Arjun Entertainment symbolising Lord Krishna guiding the path for her and the team, as he is known to have done for Arjun. As a producer, the way had to be self-paved with dignity like a warrior. So what inspired her? Her favourite people like Amitabh Bachchan, Meryl Streep, who made their lives kingsized on their own.


That was on films and business. Prerna, apart from divinely connected to the world of films, is an eclectic personality with fine tastes. We scrolled through her wardrobe mixes. Being a colossal fan and follower of Christian Dior’s couture design sensibility from her first face wash to the ready-to-wear from the brand. Prerna adores ‘Be Dior’ by Dior where the inside is more beautiful than the outside. Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Emporio Armani too, happen to make it to the list of her favourties. She religiously follows a skincare routine. And if donning Indian-wear, who could be a better choice than Ritu Kumar and Tarun Tahiliani? Naturally, they happen to be her adored desingers. Currently, she is loving her shopping sprees in South Mumbai, especially at The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. In a nutshell, she is a go-getter, an achiever, a pool of talent and an epitome of self-confidence. Way to go gal!


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