Adèle Exarchopoulos is known for her leading performance in Blue is the Warmest Colour, for which she was awarded the Palme d’Or, but this ‘ friend’ of Louis Vuitton is mesmerised by photographer Sebastião Salgado and Hollywood sweetheart Robert De Niro, as she admits being drawn to different genres of story-telling.


How did your collaboration with Louis Vuitton start?

My collaboration with Vuitton started after my second Cannes Film Festival. I attended the first fashion show for Nicolas Ghesquière’s “Cruise Collection” for Louis

Vuitton in Monaco.


Do you enjoy travel?

Acting provides the opportunity to travel, and the fact that we don’t get to choose the location really enables us to discover countries that we wouldn’t necessarily choose to visit ourselves. It’s nourishing, and I take it as an opportunity. I love to travel, whether it’s on holiday or for a shoot.


What is it that you like about Nicolas Ghesquière’s work?

I was already familiar with Nicolas’s work at Balenciaga, but I found myself even more drawn to his work, once he started working at Vuitton. I like the fact that Nicolas

creates modern, intelligent heroines with a wild, poetic side!


What was it like doing a shoot with Juergen Teller in Palm Springs?

Juergen Teller is a master in his field, and we bonded very quickly because we like to improvise in the same way. I love his work because it is an equal mix of eccentricity and modesty. He always works in a way that is both simple and amusing. When you do a photoshoot with Juergen, you can become another person; nothing is written in stone; nothing is imposed. It’s simply a matter of going along with him and laughing with him. His work is really special to me!


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