“I decided to call it Silos because this building used to store food, which is, of course, essential for life. For me, just as much as food, clothes are also a part of life.”-Giorgio Armani

Walking towards the glass façade and gorgeous Italian men in black suits to attend to you, and sophistication reflecting through the greyish-beige walls with a contrasting black ceiling–you know you are going to travel back to 1975 and witness the best works of Giorgio Armani till date.


Built in 1950, which previously housed Nestle grains, the newly re-constructed building reflects the very soul of the designer himself. The interiors look structured but give you a certain ease, just like his jackets without the shoulder pads. Spread over four floors, each showcasing an inspiration from various parts of the world, clothes worn by different celebrities, there’s a colour palette to follow, and a platform for accessories and beyond.


Daywear section on the ground floor, which displays de-constructed jackets, suits and other formal attires, also has a suit worn by Richard Gere in American Gigolo. The first floor, which is the Exotic section, is driven by the cultures of Japan, embroideries of India and Africa, and designs of China.


The Chromatic section on the second floor, is where colours are the base for the outfits. There’s Katie Holme’s iconic red dress accessories sit on a hologynic blue platform along with the insect brooches, embellished clutches and shoes. Is that a trick or a treat to the eyes? You will know it only when you see it.


In the Light section, which is on the third floor, you see beautiful crystal and pearl embroidered outfits that impersonate paradise, something that is seen nowhere. The oh-so gorgeous white and silver tones on the sheer dresses and trousers, complimented by the metallic silver walls at the back are nothing but a fantasy coming true.


Apart from the exhibit, The Light section also has a digital archive that consists touchscreen tablets which has accessories and around 1000 outfits with their backgrounds of which ones were worn by who, if any. The projection area with a sitting space, show you the advertisement campaigns of Armani, pictures from the collections created by the designer himself, brand’s short films, Giorgio Armani’s collaborations with the stars of the movie world. Once you start looking at the cut-films, you will without any doubt lose the track of time, and well that’s what the surreal atmosphere of Armani/Silos does to you.


Besides the beautiful sections of the enthralling outfits stored over the years, they have a gift shop right when you enter. With a café on the ground floor, you can sip onto the Italian coffee while you prepare yourself to get back to the pragmatic world as its time to leave the Armani-c experience behind, and step out for a fancy dinner at the Duomo in Milan.



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