Shouting slogans

Shouting slogans

It is not for the first time that designers Viktor & Rolf have created a strong buzz around their collection. This time too, the models, sashayed down the ramp in cascading dresses made with extra large crinolines and tulles in pastels. It is, however, not the immoderation of the looks, but the embroidered slogans on the front of the dresses that created a stirr.

We saw slogans such as Go to Hell, Leave Me Alone, F* This I’m Going to Paris and Whatever. We can already predict the careers of these dresses on the red carpet. The irony returned with slogans such as Less Is More (delicately scribbled on a gigantic meringue of pink ruffles with blue reflections).

The designers did not stop there. They also made some political comments. Sample this: Give a damn. It was a direct reference to the unacceptable I Really Don’t Care, Do U? that was seen on a military vest worn by Melania Trump. (We wonder why she flaunted this slogan though: Trust Me I am a Liar. Was it directed towards her husband?)

There were others in the lineup, perfect for the much hyped It-Girls. There were dresses with I am My Own Muse. It might become a second skin to an actress for the Oscars. Then there was a number with a slogan as No Photos Please. The last dress—and one of the most impressive ones—that of a bride lost in the immense black cloud imploring the apocalypse with an I Want a Better World.

The collection titled, Fashion Statements, was the subject of countless tweets and Instagram posts with the mention #mood and also a lot of diversions.

The same process can be found in the works of American artist Wayne White, known for 10 years for his message boards which are ironic. Like Viktor & Rolf has chosen the fluffy tulle of Sissi empress, White has chosen kitsch boards of scenery in the flea markets on which he has affixed the letters in 3D with very contemporary, irreverent and funny messages which create a significant shift. For example, NO (the dress in the picture on the left) or LSD.

With this collection, Viktor & Rolf have pushed the envelope and made it seriously fashionable to be the watchdog of the society.

*This story has been contributed by Delphine Valloire

Mitali Goyal

Mitali Goyal is a fashion stylist at L'Officiel India. She is a stationery hoarder and you could come to her, in case, you'd like to know Victoria's Secret.