Sasha & Kaabia

Sasha & Kaabia

It was not easy, they describe to us the beginning of their journey into the jewellery world. As the Grewal sisters inherited the love for everything sparkly from their mother, they finally decided to start something of their own. The result? Outhouse. With it, they not only grabbed a place in Forbes 30 under 30, but also created a name for themselves around the globe. Excerpts:

As we begin the New Year, tell us some of the key projects that you are working on for the year? What are we looking forward to?
2019 is going to be a tremendously vibrant year as we have much to look forward to. We began the year with our playful, light hearted Wildflower collection filled with fluorescent hues and bohemian exuberance.  We are also launching our New Bridal Line For The Summer Bride under our Outhouse Bridal Vertical which we had launched last year.  

Every person has different sets of ideas to offer. How do you both maintain your synergy?
Our design sensibilities and the drive to tell an unconventional narrative has been our ethos. We have always believed in the power of the collective and connect the differences - that’s where we create the best kind of creative energy. 

When working on a project or ideas, how do you both come to a conclusion? Are the decisions amicable or do they end up 
in a debate?

When a quest for jewellery perfection and a desire to make a change creatively by designing conversation starting adornments collided, the unique Outhouse took form. We have learnt in these years to embrace our varied opinions, allow them to challenge us and critically think through our collections. The conclusions are fruitful.
Tell us about some skills that you have learnt from each other.
Sasha: To be able to balance art and commerce. 
Kaabia: To be more patient and work with focus on the bigger picture.
What is the most annoying thing about each other?
Sasha: Her meticulous nature. 
Kaabia: She watches the world through bedazzled sunglasses and the line between jewelled dreams and reality is blur. Her sense of wonder can sometimes be annoying, and yet a trait that I admire most about her. 
How did the thought of forming a brand come about?
Today we are talking about our most coveted love affair, which happens to be with Outhouse. Fashion and its kind has always been a guilty pleasure for us since we were little. It comes to us like most girls, from our mother; who at an early age took us to her jeweller and made us fall in love with all 
things sparkly.
We are reminded of visions, where we’d be sitting dressed identically and tried every piece of jewellery in the store. So yes! The love affair started very early on. We always got A’s as art students and were swift doodlers even though the doodles remained restricted to jewellery patterns and alike. Soon we had our degrees in gemstones and diamond grading and were off to get our first jobs in the design world. Completely overwhelmed and thrilled, we decided to start Outhouse. It wasn’t easy, I’ll tell you that. Not only did we not know anything about setting up an enterprise but also we were doing this in another city. They say nothing can drive your dreams like passion, in our case that’s the only thing that made everything else fall in place. 

Mitali Goyal

Mitali Goyal is a fashion stylist at L'Officiel India. She is a stationery hoarder and you could come to her, in case, you'd like to know Victoria's Secret.