Renaissance of Past Adornments

Renaissance of Past Adornments

From waves of nostalgia rising from the trends of the ‘80-’90s to big logos being on the stands again; from fanny packs to animal prints, the abode of fashion seems to be on the rage of ‘welcoming back’ styles and designs of yesteryears. Be it the fashion weeks or the looks sported by our favourite celebrities, it would be hard to walk past these once-gone yet upcoming trends in the years to come.

Ignoring the massive return of head-wears would be a foolish trend-spotting task. They still create the same waves of splendour, authority and significance like that in the past. It’s hard to ignore the pride cast by head accessories. Be it a Chanel beret or a Manish Arora turban, one cannot afford not to wear one.

It’s surprising how Isabella Blow single-handedly kept the hat tradition alive. Isabella Blow and Philip Treacy still remain the talk in discussions of headwears .She brought life to the wondrous craftsmanship of Treacy who weave tales of impossible dreams and rebellious spirits. Only a woman like her with such originality and a vanguard of British and World fashion, even in those times could turn those daring hats into a spectator sport, an exquisite piece and a sign of free-spirit and empowerment.

If one were to talk about both dramatic and casual head-wears, there isn’t any season particularly meant for it. Laurence & Chico (SS’19) set out a runway surprise with the extravagant geometric wigs and groovy headphone head-wears that called out the vibes of drag queens, drama and boldness.The young British designer Matty Boven(SS’19) enlightened his collection with towering floral and vine hats, extravagant headpiece with feather dusters, brushes, bathroom gadgets or kitchen utensils with an array of colours, sharp silhouettes that draw attention straight away to "What does Matty Bovan actually want to say?".In this evoking saga of mirroring the socio-political climate, those headpieces probably shows how a society portrays a woman's place, role and the ideas she should only care about.This collection was disruptive, but disruptive for being real, natural and expressive.

These additives aren’t made for summer blooms only; the fall/ winter’19 trends gave a whole new style to embrace and spice up the autumn look. Reliving since last season, bucket hats came in bright colours and prints, in twists and turns held in luxury. This ritzy new bucket hat,first sighted at the Tom Ford show in New York didn’t even give the slightest lazy vibes associated with them. It presented a new definition of grandeur and being styled with suits.A knitted cap is usually the go-to and a safe accessory choice which has turned into a high fashion item. At Versace, knitted caps were fancied up by the addition of large, jeweled brooches. Knit beanies were given the Marc Jacobs treatment with all kinds of feathery decorations that matched the gowns they were paired with. Chanel Resort’19 cemented back the original and untouched respect of berets and that, it can be used as an every-day tool in one’s life and not only for classy brunches. 

Headwears have also rooted for being eternally stylish and flag bearers of the renaissance of historic trends that acted as mirrors of the society. From caps to bucket hats, from fedoras to beanies, hats have stood as a versatile and functional addition.  They have always enacted as a platform constructed in a simple yet inspired manner, guiding fashion hubs and enthusiasts to episodes of modish history and adorning the past. 


Story by - Tejashee Kashyap: Intern at L'officiel India

Chitman Kanwar Ahuja

Chitman Kanwar Ahuja is a feature writer at L'Officiel India. She is a silver jewellery hoarder and an aesthete of all arts. You can find her unraveling new stories day in and day out.