Monsoon Story

Monsoon Story

Stepping away from the gloomy cloud cover in Mumbai, for our trend story we tapped Goa-based blogger and creative director of, Rhea Gupte, to create a monsoon fantasy in colours and textures. With bright hues and patterns at the forefront, a unique look was achieved, reminiscent of the ´70s boho trend, which marched down a plethora of runways this season.


Bohemian it was, with the usual floral motifs comfortably intertwined with free-flowing sheer silhouettes in a haze of colour-blocked glory and an almost feral spirit. We nodded in agreement to DIY turbans, little feathery details and white, waterproof eyeliner to brighten up that post-summer, sun-kissed skin. It was a story with no rules, as we casually combined a neon beaded jacket with a deliciously fresh sorbet skirt. The off-shoulder neckline, famous on Instagram, took centre stage in a monsoon-ready, bright, embroidered concoction. Statement maxi dresses formed the perfect after-hours garb combined with a minimal aesthetic and a chic updo. High necks and dresses worn as capes helped keep warm in case the weather took a windy turn. This season, we hope to keep that hair in little, romantic, messy buns, teased just so with hints of fly-aways, to casually shy away from frizzy manes. Chunky accessories in popping colours juxtaposed with barely-there makeup and simple necklines, worked like a charm to bring back the fun to grey days.


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